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La Exit v1.1 IBM-PC version

As a programmer, I "occasionally" run into problems with
programs running an infinite loop, locking up the keyboard, etc.
When that happens, the only recourse is to reboot the system.
Besides the fact that rebooting the system is a pain, my RAM
disk is also wiped out. Thus I lose any unbackup files. After
a couple of times of this happening, I came up with the idea of
this program.

"La Exit" is a RAM resident program which (when called)
will cause the current program running to exit. Unfortunately
any files not closed by the running program are lost. This may
be remedied in a future. "La Exit" is called by pressing
(Only a contortionist could hit this
combination by accident.)

"La Exit" should be installed before most other
RAM-Resident programs (usually done in AUTOEXEC.BAT). I know
most programs say this but maybe the following explanation will
help you. Programs like "La Exit" monitor the keyboard
interrupt for a specific key to be pressed. To do this without
hinderence, it should be installed before keyboard buffering

I suggest that one only use in an
emergency situation, not as a normal way to exit a program. It
is not that "La Exit" will not work, it will. BUT files will
not be saved.

Please send any comments, suggestions or bug reports to:

Jason Brown
1455 Wellesley Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105

This program was originally written for the DEC Rainbow
100. With the help of an article "Instant Access to
Directories" by Jeff Prosise in PC Magazine (April 14, 1987), I
was able to convert it to the IBM-PC. Unlike the previous
version 1.0 which worked (with however, instead of
the documented ), this version has been tested and
works as documented.

( You can find Jason and other top notch programmers and techies
at Terrapin Station Dbbs - 1200/2400 - 24 hours a day
612/623-0152 ! )

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Archive   : LAEXIT11.ZIP
Filename : LAEXIT.DOC

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