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GENERAL FUNCTION: Set the colors of screen from DOS.

WHY IS IT NEEDED? There is no good way to set colors from DOS.



EXAMPLES: KOLOR /B01 background to black, border to blue>

KOLOR original screen colors>

HOW TO USE IT: Very useful in batch files. Also, this program keeps
its color attributes even when the screen is cleared and other programs
try to reinitialize the screen. Therefore, utility works very well
to add color to programs that otherwise are in black and white.

FOREGROUND=lettering. BACKGROUND=area surrounding text lettering.
BORDER=outer area of screen.

The values are expressed in hexidecimal (0-9,A-F).

0 Black 8 Grey
1 Blue 9 Light Blue
2 Green A Light Green
3 Cyan B Light Cyan
4 Red C Light Red
5 Magenta D Light Magenta
6 Brown E Yellow
7 White F Intense White

To deactivate KOLOR, simply type "KOLOR" with no options. This will
restore the original screen specification.

OTHER EFFECTS: Other screen attributes programs may not work once
KOLOR is installed.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Works with DOS 1.1 and 2.0.

COMMENTS: Another color setting program is SCREEN.EXE. SCREEN has
the advantage that it uses English keywords for the colors, and is
therefore easier to use and is self documenting. KOLOR has the
advantage is it is not reset by other programs.
Programs that do not use DOS calls to handle screen functions
may circumvent KOLOR.

Tim Mason
89 Nelson St.
Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735

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Archive   : KOLOR.ZIP
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