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Isl 2.2

Fabrice Bellard and Phil Katz have done a remarkable job
with their respective utilities LZEXE and PKLITE. With
either of these programs one can compress most executable
files and run them without uncommpressing. There is no
significant loss of speed. This is a practical way of saving
disk space.

The one problem with a compressed file is that it appears
identical to a regular file in a DOS directory listing or
using any of the available DOS shells. One doesn't know
which files have already been compressed and which ones
might need to be.

ISL overcomes this problem. It may be used as a directory
lister. Just type ISL at the DOS prompt. In this mode it
displays all the executable files in the current directory.
The first screen will display all the uncompressed files.
To see the PKlite compressed files press the 'P' key, and to
see the LZexe compressed files press the 'L' key. Press the
'N' key to see the uncompressed files again etc. The Escape
key returns to DOS.

ISL can be used to determine the status of an individual
file presented to it on the command line. i.e. ISL prog.exe
ISL prog
If prog is not an executable or not in the current directory
you will be notified.

The only limitation of the program is that in the directory
listing mode ISL can handle only 126 executable files of
each type. Executable files over this number will be

I wrote ISL for my own use and hereby declare it in the
Public Domain. I take no responsibility for any direct or
indirect damage this program may cause.

While I don't want to receive money for my effort, I would
greatly appreciate any comments (good or bad), and
suggestions for improvement.

Alan Posner,M.D.
2600 Redondo Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90806

December 16, 1990

ISL 1.2 - While fancier (colored windows etc.) did not recognize
PKlite compressed files.

ISL 2.0 - Bug - Pklite compressed COM files were not identified.
ISL 2.1 - Now identifies Pklite compressed COM files.
ISL 2.2 - Cosmetic bug fixes.

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Archive   : ISL22.ZIP
Filename : ISL22.DOC

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