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ICE.COM Intrusion Contermeasure Electronics
COM file Security Program Version 1.00
Copyright 1988 by Keith P. Graham

Keith P. Graham c/o PC-Rockland BBS (914) 353-2157

ICE is a program which scramples and compresses
COM files (not EXE files) yet allows them to be
fully functional. The program makes it difficult to
alter the orginal program and it has the added
bonus of compressing COM files without detracting
from their usefulness. ICEd COM files still run
as they did before except that they are usually
smaller and disk load times are shorter.
ICE offers protection agains viruses in that
ICE can scramble COMMAND.COM and make it difficult
for viruses to attach themselves to the scramble

The format of the ICE command is:

ICE file.COM encryption-key

file is the name of a COM file to ICE and
encryption key is a string of numbers and/or
letters that will help make your scramble

ICE will compress and scramble the com file and
replace the original. It is important to have a
backup of the original COM file in case ICE screws
up somehow. I have tested ICE, but it is possible to
screw anything up.

I have written an ICE BREAKER for ICEd programs and
I am sure that any good hacker could also figure it out
after a while. No software resource can be protected
entirely by software. I can only guarantee that
ICE makes COM file safer, not 100% safe.

ICE remains the property of Keith P. Graham and is
not for sale, but feel free to share it with you friends
as long as no fee is associated with the copying of
ICE or distribution of ICE other than nominal disk
copy or access charges.

Other Stuff:
If you are interested in ICE and ICEBREAKERS read
Neuromancer by William Gibson available at you local
bookstore's SF department. Don't miss this one!

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Archive   : ICE.ZIP
Filename : ICE.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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