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HP150SYS Version 2.00 Distribution Notes

June, 1990

HP150SYS is a set of two DOS device drivers which provides a direct interface
to Hewlett-Pachard's HP-150 and HP-150 series II DOS diskettes. All DOS
functions are supported, including FORMAT and DISKCOPY. Each driver
requires approximately 4K of memory.

If you upload these files to a BBS, please use a file name of HP15S200.
Thus, if you use SEA's ARC program, the file name would be HP15S200.ARC.

HP150SYS IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE, but rather, user-supported "Shareware".
That is, if you find it useful, you must register - more details are
given in the documentation file.

CRC Checker, Copyright 1988, Sydex. All rights reserved

==== === ====== ====
HP150II.SYS 14449 4168 7/17/92
HP150.SYS 43138 4110 7/17/92
ORDER.FRM 47068 1661 7/17/92
CRCHECK.EXE 34996 5084 7/17/92
HP150.DOC 49202 14480 7/17/92

READ.ME (What you're reading now)

The CRC's are a check of the integrity of the files contained here and
should be verified by executing the following:


If the CRC's and lengths match with the list above, you may be fairly
certain that you have received the files intact.

You can print the HP150SYS documentation with the following DOS command:


Approximately 5 printed pages result. You may also display the file with:



If you're already a registered user of HP150SYS and you want an update
of the latest version, we'll be happy to oblige. Please submit $5.00 with
your request to cover our costs of materials and postage. Orders placed
outside of the U.S. and Canada should add $5.00 for airmail postage and
customs handling.

Or, you can call our BBS at (503) 683-1385. Be sure to have your 5-digit
invoice number and your zip code at hand--they'll be required for update

Your support of this product makes continued development possible. We
schedule our development work by the response we receive from a product.
By registering, you're letting us know that this product is important to


All products and documentation here are

Copyright 1990
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405
Voice: (503) 683-6033
FAX: (503) 683-1622
Data: (503) 683-1385

and may not be sold or licensed without the express permission of Sydex.
Consult the HP150SYS documentation for Shareware redistribution terms.

Before September 5, 1990, contact us at:

153 North Murphy Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Voice: (408) 739-4866
Data: (408) 738-2860

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