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Sansaska Systems

distributed by
Acro Technology, Inc.
1111 W. El Camino Real
Suite 331
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

HeLP_yoUR_SeLF could be called a "do it yourself" help program.
When installed, it allows you to write your own help files to
replace the mess of quick reference cards and keyboard templates
lying around your computer. It also can be used to relieve you
from constantly having to dig through reference manuals. Since the
help program can use text generated from any text editor, it is
easy to modify, and can be used with help files of any length.

This version of HeLP_yoUR_SeLF is the Shareware version, and has
had limitations imposed on it's performance. The features of this
version of HeLP_yoUR_SeLF are described in the section about this
program, selected by pressing F2 at the main menu.

The full version has the following features installed:

1 - Unlimited size menu tree
2 - 10 choices per menu
3 - 25 pages per help screen - 20 lines per page
4 - Uses under 20k RAM when resident in RAM
5 - User definable home menu, in addition to the default main menu
6 - Easily customized to YOUR desired specifications
7 - Comes with help systems for DOS, C and Pascal


HeLP_yoUR_SeLF has a copyright owned by Sansaska Systems, with all
distribution rights owned by Acro Technology, Inc. Even though the
program is SHAREWARE, and can be freely copied, there are limits
to protect the quality of the program and to support future program

Users of HeLP_yoUR_SeLF may make copies of this SHAREWARE version
for trial use by others on a PRIVATE NON-COMMERCIAL BASIS.

By accepting and using this program, you acknowledge that this
program may not suit your particular requirements or be completely

With proper application, this program will perform as described.
However, the author and distributors are not responsible for your
specific application, help files or any problems resulting from use
of this program.

If the program does not perform as described, our liability to you
is limited to replacing the program or refunding the purchase price
(if purchased and registered). We have no liability to you or any
other person or entity for any damage or loss, including special,
incidental, or consequential damages, caused by this program,
directly or indirectly. Some states do not allow the limitation or
exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so
the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California.
Should any part of this agreement be held invalid, the remainder of
the Agreement will still be in effect. This Agreement can not be
modified except by special agreement with the owners.

Under this license, you may NOT:
1) Distribute the program in connection with any other product or
service, or as part of a corporate or institutionally sponsored
distribution. Site licenses and bundling agreements are
available upon request.

2) Charge anything for HeLP_yoUR_SeLF. An exception is made for
registered user groups who may charge a cost-based fee (not to
exceed $10) to cover their own costs.

3) Distribute the program in modified form.

4) Copy or reproduce the printed documentation in any form.

Using HeLP_yoUR_SeLF

HeLP_yoUR_SeLF is started and installed in RAM using the following

c:>path\hlpurslf help_dir

where help_dir is the exact path to the *.hlp and *.mnu files
described below.


The help screens are activated with a ^? (hold the Ctrl key down and
press ?).

Menu selections are made with the function keys.

You can move through the help screens by using the PgDn key when
PgDn is displayed at the lower right and using the PgUp key when
PgUp is dislpayed at the upper right.

The Esc key returns you to the interrupted activity.
The left arrow key will return you to the MAIN MENU.
The Home key will return you to your HOME MENU.

You may designate any menu as your "HOME MENU" by entering ^Home
(hold the Ctrl key down and press the "Home" key).


In order to write files for HeLP_yoUR_SeLF the following needs
to be followed.

Menu files can have any name but must end with .mnu
Help files can have any name but must end with .hlp

Menu files consist of up to 5 lines where each line looks like:
filename.mnu:up to 50 characters of description
filename.hlp:up to 50 characters of description

Help files are text files where each line doesn't exceed 70
characters in length (do NOT use tabs).
Help files are displayed 10 lines at a time.
Page breaks may be created with .pg in the leftmost column.
A help file can have a maximum of 5 pages.
A .end in the leftmost column can optionally end a help file.
The last line may end without a carrage return line feed (CRLF).


To obtain your full featured, registered version of


send $39.95 (+$5 S/h and 7% CA sales tax)

Acro Technology, Inc.
1111 W. El Camino Real, Suite 331
Sunnyvale, CA 94086