Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
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Filename : VENDOR.DOC

Output of file : VENDOR.DOC contained in archive : HIVID203.ZIP

This text provides information for any person or organisation
distributing shareware on disks or through any other medium,
including electronic file transfer. This explicitely includes
commercial and non-profit user group libraries.

For sample descriptions which you may use to describe the
product please refer to the DESCRIBE.DOC text file.

As the exclusive copyright holder for HiVIDEO, C.Sitte Software-
technik authorizes distribution of the HiVIDEO package only in
accordance with the following restrictions:

1. No fee beyond normal media, duplication, and shipping costs
may be charged.

2. It must be copied in unaltered form complete with this license
and copyright information

3. It is advertised as "shareware" and not as "free" or
"public domain" software.

The right to withhold or withdraw permission to distribute
HiVIDEO from anyone at any time for any reason is explicitely

The HiVIDEO package is defined as containing all the material
listed in the following packing list:

HIVIDEO .DOC Program Documentation
ORDER .FRM Order Form
DESCRIBE.DOC Product Description & Author Info
VENDOR .DOC Vendor/Distributor Information
FILE_ID .DIZ Program Description for BBS's
!!READ .!ME General Info and Last Minute Information

If any files are missing, then the package is not complete and
distribution is forbidden. Please contact us to obtain
a complete package suitable for distribution.

The HiVIDEO package CANNOT be modified in any way (other than
that mentioned in the following paragraph) and must be
distributed as a complete package.

Small additions to the package, such as a introductory or
installation batch file are acceptable.

You may not advertise any of our products as "FREE SOFTWARE".
Shareware is "Try-Before-You-Buy" software, it is not free.
It must be clearly explained that the price for the shareware
version does not constitute payment for the product.

If the version you have is over twelve (12) months old, please
contact us to ensure that you have the most current version.
This version (v2.03) was released in May, 1993.

1) New versions are offered to our registered users and are
automatically shipped to new registrants.
2) New versions are posted on CompuServe (see DESCRIBE.DOC).
3) All ASP distribution members are included in the regular
ASP mailing.
4) Then, we send copies of major revisions to non-ASP vendors
who have notified us of their interest.
Since all program copies are serialized by to whom they
were originally sent, we are able to track registrations
by vendor. As long as we receive registrations containing
your number for any product, we will continue to provide
you with updates for the product.

If you are a publisher interested in translating and supporting
our products in another language, please contact us to discuss
an exclusive agreement for your language and country.

Please Help Us Serve You Better
We would appreciate copies of anything you publish regarding
WDIFF. Please send us a copy of any reviews, articles, catalog
descriptions or other information you print or distribute
regarding the WDIFF package. Thank you for your time and
assistance and for supporting the shareware marketing concept.

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Archive   : HIVID203.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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