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To all HAP users who wish to register and send me money:

Dear HAP users,

I sincerely appreciate your efforts to get your version registered. Thank you !

I can imagine you want to make sure your money reaches the right person.
To ensure safety you may wish to send checks, postal checks or other
means of payment. I appreciate and share your concern for safety. However,
cashing checks (especially foreign checks) is expensive over here and some
checks are not being accepted (like postal checks).
An alternative would be to enclose paper money within the registration form
and send it as a letter through registered mail to my P.O. Box.

If you decide to send a check (or money order), I unfortunately have to ask
you to add USD$ 15,- processing charges to your check or money order amount
to cover bank costs. In this case, please make it payable to "Harald Feldmann".

In order to make it easier for you to register and support me financially I
have set up the following list so you can send your own local currency.

Country: Currency: Amount:

Australia Australian Dollars 40,00
Austria Austrian Shilling 400,00
Belgium Belgian Francs 600,00
Canada Canadian Dollars 30,00
Denmark Danish Crowns 200,00
Finland Finnish Marks 200,00
France French Francs 200,00
Germany Deutschmarks 30,00
Greece Greek Drachme 4.000,00
Ireland Irish Pounds 20,00
Italy Italian Lire 40.000,00
Japan Japanese YEN 4.000,00
Netherlands Dutch Guilders 30,00
Norway Norwegian Crown 200,00
Portugal Portugese Escudo 4.000,00
Spain Spanish Pesetas 4.000,00
Sweden Swedish Crowns 200,00
Switzerland Swiss Francs 40,00
United Kingdom British Pounds 10,00
United States of America US Dollars 20,00

These amounts usually represent a fair approximation of USD $20,-
In some cases it may be cheaper to convert to US dollars or Dutch guilders
I apologize for that, I listed paper-money values.

NEVER send coins, please.

The fact that I can accept money only in the currencies listed should in
no way imply I boycott or disapprove of other countries or other currencies.
I simply will not be able to convert it.
All amounts sent will be considered gifts to stimulate further development
of the Hap and Pah programs.

I hope to have made things easier for you by this arrangement.

Many thanks.

Harald Feldmann, November 15, 1992.

Business-address: Please send all your mail to:

Hamarsoft, Hamarsoft,
Beatrixlaan 42, P.O. Box 91,
6114 CE Susteren, 6114 ZH Susteren,
The Netherlands. The Netherlands.