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Turbo Keyboard for the IBM-PC/AT

If you have an IBM AT and would like to speed up the keyboard
response, then this program is for you. Response can be increased
by 300 percent! This program will make word processing or text
editing cursor movement fly on the screen.

The program takes advantage of the way IBM designed the new,
more flexible, AT keyboard interface. Part of the flexibility
is that the user can speed up or slow down the keyboard.

When you start the AT, the default keyboard configuration is
set to .5 seconds of delay and a typematic rate of 10 characters
per second.

The delay rate determines how long a key must be held down
before it starts to repeat. The typematic rate sets the repeat
frequency once the delay requirements have been met. On the AT,
the delay is capable of a range from .25 to 1.25 seconds, and
the typematic rate can range from 30 to 2 characters per second.

To use the turbo keyboard program all you have to do is
include the program execution statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
Or, at any time, just execute the turbokey program with the desired
rates you want to use.

The parameters for typematic is from A to Z. Where A is the
fastest at 30 characters per second and Z is the slowest at
2 characters per seconds. For delay, the parameters are from
1 to 4, where 1 is the fastest at .25 seconds delay and 4 is the
slowest at 1.25 delay.

For example, suppose you want the fastest combination
possible, then do the following:


This will set the keyboard to 30 characters per second and .25
seconds delay.

If you like a very slow response, then do the following:


This will set the keyboard rate to 2 characters per seconds, and
a start delay of 1.25 seconds. "The Valium response".

By adjusting the A thru Z and the 1 thru 4 parameters
you can set the keyboard to your needs at any time.

If you want a free copy of this program bring a formatted
floppy diskette to the Computations Consulting Office, Trailer 2106,
and copy the program to your floppy. If you have any questions call
me at 2-4609.

Richard Serbin, L-308
PC Team Leader
ASD, Computations

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