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Copyright (C) 1991 by Craig Thurber. All Rights Reserved
9255 South 1520 East, Sandy, Utah 84093
CIS 72711,735, GEnie C.Thurber, Voice: (801) 571-8119, Modem: (801) 572-1704

1. Description
This is a generic Microsoft mouse menu program. Pressing the left mouse
key is the same as pressing the key. Pressing the right mouse
key displays a user-customized menu. Pressing both mouse keys at the
same time is the same as pressing the key. The mouse will operate
most software menus that use the cursor, enter and escape keys for normal
operation. The user-customized menu keys will perform automated typing
at about any time during use. The author will write the custom code
upon registration and payment of a fee for the programming service.

2. Quick Start
Place the files GENMOU.MNU and MENU.COM in the same directory. Change to
this directory. Type MENU GENMOU. The message "Menu installed" will
appear if the operation is successful.

When the mouse menu is loaded into memory, the screen cursor will follow
the mouse movement; pressing the left mouse key is the same as pressing
the key; pressing the right mouse key displays a choice of user-
customized menus, typing EXIT, or cancelling the menu display; pressing
both mouse keys is the same as pressing the key.

To remove the mouse menu from memory, change to the directory that
contains the file MENU.COM and enter the command MENU OFF.

3. Installation
Copy the files GENMOU.MNU and MENU.COM to the same directory.

4. Operation
GENMOU.MNU was written for the Microsoft mouse and a color monitor.
Performance of the program with other equipment is unknown at this time.
The mouse driver must be installed before GENMOU.MNU will operate. This
is generally accomplished by adding a statement to your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file. It is recommended that this statement be MOUSE /S50. The switch
/S50 provides a sensitivity that is tolerable.

The mouse menu program should be loaded before any other TSR programs.
The command to load the mouse program is MENU GENMOU. If the mouse
program is successfully loaded, the message "Menu installed" will appear.
The mouse is initially activated by pressing the left mouse button. If
you have the evaluation copy of the program, you will be presented with
a series of intolerable advertising screens that require you to press
the left mouse button until the word AGREED appears on the screen. The
program is fully active and complete after this is done. The evaluation
copy of the program is not a "shaved down" version.

If you have registered your copy of the program, press the left button to
activate the mouse. A screen will appear which tells you that the mouse
program is active. It also lists the registered owner and registration
number. Please cite this data in all correspondence about the program.

5. Registration
The registration form can be printed from the file REGIS.FRM. Please
use the form for registration. The form is in ASCII format, and may be
imported into a word processor, completed, and then sent to the author.
This procedure is recommended, especially if you are designating custom
menu entries. It will help me avoid entering the wrong code.

The registration fee is $10 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. It should
be sent to the author at the above address. Registered users will
receive the latest version of the program, as well as the next program
update, when it becomes available. The registered version uses 7Kb
less memory than the distribution version, and does not require toler-
ation of the irritating advertising that I wrote to encourage registr-

For an additional fee of $10, at the time of registration, up to ten
custom menu entries can be specified. These will be written into your
copy of the program. Some examples are shown in the section on Custom
Menus in this document, and represent the extent of coding the author
expects to perform for this fee. If the coding you request signifi-
cantly exceeds the amount shown as examples in this document, the
charge for coding time will be $50 per hour. You may either make a
reasonable estimate of the time required, and enclose payment with
your registration, or you may request an estimate for the service from
the author.

If you have registered a copy of the program, and later decide to have
custom menu entries written or changed, the fee for this service will
be $15 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. The terms and conditions of
such services are as mentioned above. Please use the registration
form when requesting such services, and enter your registration number
on the form.

6. Utilities Menu and Examples
An utilities menu is activated by the right mouse button, and should
work in most environments. The utilities menu contains a "Custom Keys"
selection. These 10 options do nothing in the distribution copy of the
program. They can be named and coded to your specifications at the
time of registration. For example, in my own copies of the program
the Custom Key selection presents the menus shown below, with the
selections typing the code listed below each menu item. The code 013
indicates that the key is pressed, and the code 027 indicates
that the key is pressed. Please note that your registration is
for one set of custom menu keys only; the list below represents three
sets of menus that were customized by the author for his uses.

Custom Keys - General and DOS operations.
Craig Thurber
9255 South 1520 East,013,Sandy, Utah 84093
Backup A:
b:\,013,cd\,013,xcopy a:\ /s/m,013,a:\,013
Turbo Pascal
Lotus 1-2-3

Custom Keys - Lotus 1-2-3 Version
Save and Quit
Change Printer
/wgdpi (then manually specify interface and printer name)
Directory A
Print Document
Data Fill
Dos Shell
Global Format
Global Status
Backup File
Alt-A (The following macro is then entered into
the worksheet:

\A /fs~{esc}{filename}~r{esc}{quit}
filename TEST_1.BAK

to perform the file backup.)

Custom Keys - WordPerfect Version
Initialize Printer
Print Preview
Print Document
9255 S. 1520 E.,013,Sandy, Utah 84093
Base Font
Line Margins
Page Margins
Spelling Checker

The utility menu also contains an entry to type EXIT , which is a
common command to return from a DOS shell to a running program.

7. Copyright, License and Warranty
This document and the program GENMOU.MNU are copyrighted by the author.
Only the limited, unregistered form of this software may be distributed.
You may make as many copies of the limited version and documentation
as you wish. These copies may be distributed to anyone by any means,
including electronic means.

However, you are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting
donations, for any such copies, and from distributing the software
and/or documentation with commercial products without prior permission
from the copyright owner. An exception is granted to not-for-profit
organizations, which are authorized to charge not more than $7 for
distribution of the limited version of this software. No for-profit
organization is authorized to charge any amount for distribution of
copies of the software or to include copies of the software or
documentation with sales of their own products.

This includes a specific prohibition against for-profit organizations
distributing the software, either alone or with other software, and
charging a "handling" or "materials" fee or any other such fee for
the distribution. No for-profit organization is authorized to include
the software on any media for which money is charged. Exceptions are
only granted by specific license from the copyright owner.

No copy of the software may be distributed or given away without this

There is no warranty of any kind. The copyright owner is not liable for
damages of any kind. By using this software you agree to this.

The software and documentation are:

Copyright (C) 1991 by Craig Thurber. All Rights Reserved
9255 South 1520 East, Sandy, Utah 84093

CIS 72711,735
GEnie C.Thurber
Voice: (801) 571-8119
Modem: (801) 572-1704 (by appointment only)

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