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TSR Keyboard Filter out CTRL-C,CTRL-Break,CTRL_ALT-DEL etc +asm source.
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TSR Keyboard Filter out CTRL-C,CTRL-Break,CTRL_ALT-DEL etc +asm source.
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Contents of the FILTER.DOC file

FILTER : Filter out certain Keyboard input

COPYRIGHT (c) Geoff Drayson Jan. 03, 1989
c/o The Science Lab BBS. (301) 444 0551

Released to the public domain.

FILTER1.ARC contains the following files :
(1) Filter.doc : This documentation file
(2) Filter.asm : Source Code
(3) : Program

Command Syntax : FILTER (No parameters)

Revision Level: FILTER1.ARC Rev 1.0 Jan 03, 1989


This is a simple resident program that disables :

(1) Ctrl-C
(2) Ctrl-Break
(3) Ctrl-Alt-Del (Reset)
(4) Shift-PrtSc (Print Screen)
(5) Ctrl-Alt-Grey +(Select High Clock Speed ?)
(6) Ctrl-Alt-Grey - (Select Low Clock Speed ?)

Once installed, this TSR program should prevent the above KEYSTROKES from
stopping (or being seen by) a running program.
The KEY comparison code between Labels CA_KEY & KILL can easily be modified
by deleting or adding additional key combinations.

No code is included in this TSR to disable/remove it once it is intalled.
This would defeat its design purpose.
However, if RESPRO (Public Domain TSR Manager) is loaded BEFORE FILTER,
then FILTER can be Disabled or Removed by RESPRO.
Note: FILTER does not "KILL" RESPRO's Hot key "ALT ~".
(It could be modified to if required !!!!)

This program is provided "AS IS" and the authors assume NO LIABILITY
for damages to appliances, pets or any other items from the use of
this program.

For DOS 2.0 +.


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