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EZ-Copy Lite allows you to read an entire diskette into memory and then
make as many copies as you want without reading the master diskette
again. To do this it must retain an image of the master diskette in
memory. This image can take up to 360K of storage space. That is the
major reason EZ-Copy Lite requires 640K RAM for operation.

EZ-Copy Lite outperforms DOS's diskcopy both in speed and in safety of
the operation. EZ-Copy Lite speeds up the access times of your disk
drive allowing quicker reads and writes. It also verifys the copy by
checking the CRC written to the diskette during the copy process.

When making a copy, EZ-Copy Lite (unless told otherwise) will check the
diskette to see if it is already formatted and then proceed either with
the copy or the format and copy. Just feed it diskettes, you don't need
to worry about the destination diskette. Nothing could be easier!

System requirements: An IBM PC or totally compatible clone, 640K of RAM,
and IBM PC DOS version 3.0 or later. EZ-Copy Lite
should work with any version of MS DOS 3.0 or later
but has not been tested with all the possible MS DOS
º DOS-EZCL º PC DOS 3.1 Diskcopy º EZ-Copy Lite º
º Tests º Load ³ Save ³Fmt &Saveº Load ³ Save ³Fmt &Saveº
º4.77MHZ PCº 28 sec ³ 45 sec ³ 105 sec º 28 sec ³ 44 sec ³ 60 sec º *
º8MHZ PC-ATº 27 sec ³ 42 sec ³ 59 sec º 26 sec ³ 42 sec ³ 58 sec º **
º10MHZ PCATº 27 sec ³ 44 sec ³ 60 sec º 18 sec ³ 34 sec ³ 58 sec º ***

Notes: EZ-Copy Lite (EZCL) is a fast, safe, and easy to use diskette
duplication program. Pull down menus, context sensitive help,
on-line manual, and multiple copies per read are supported.

Times may change as we continue to improve EZ-Copy Lite. Please
note that the faster your computer, the more EZ-Copy Lite out
performs IBM PC DOS.

EZ-Copy Lite can make mutiple copies per read. Diskcopy can't.
EZ-Copy Lite far out performs PC DOS Diskcopy for mutiple copies!

The machines used for testing:

* IBM PC running an 4.77 MHz 8088 with 1 memory wait state
** Zenith Z248 running an 8 MHz 80286 with 1 memory wait state
*** IBM PC AT running an 10 MHz 80286 with 1 wait state (factory 6 MHz)

The above times are affected by the DOS version, both by its revision and
its source (IBM, Compaq, etc). Any small change in your hardware may
throw off the timing of EZ-Copy Lite. Memory resident programs slow down
EZ-Copy Lite and may drastically (up to 50%) slow the disk operations.
Even such a small thing as displaying the track number while copying took
many hours of work to speed up to where it didn't slow down operations.

All tests were run with IBM PC DOS with no memory resident programs. If
your timing tests show results radically different from the above figures
please write us with the figures. If you did better we will praise
EZ-Copy Lite, if you did worse we will try to find something to blame it



EZ-Copy Lite ver 1.0 Aug 1988 Basic Version. Quickly make disk
copies. On-line manual and context
sensitive help make it easy. No
cryptic DOS commands needed.

EZ-Copy Lite ver 1.1 Sep 1988 Added on screen file directory and
additional help and manual screens.


EZX Corporation
Publishers of the EZ Series
403 NASA Road One East, Suite 1777
Webster, TX 77598 USA

Telephone: 713-338-2238 NOW EZ-HOST BBS! 713-280-8180 (1200/2400,N,8,1)

EZX Corporation Presents....

EZ-FORMS LITE EZFL Ver. E11 Great price, Less bytes than EZFX! Never be
without the perfect form with the PREMIER forms processor! Create/Fill-in/
Print/Revise all kinds of forms. And, when you have the perfect form,
print a perfect master for your copier or local printer. Or, leave the
master form on screen, fill in your data, and print the perfect form,
error free. In just a snap! Your filled-in form can be automatically
stored, each with its own control number. Its like having an electronic
filing cabinet for perfect audit control. You can make solid borders,
lines, shades, combs and numerous graphics with just a few key strokes.

In fact, you can create the perfect custom form faster than your local
typesetter can say, OVERCHARGE! Clear Forms Overlay is great for
pre-printed forms. Just enter your data in the available spaces on the
master form while previewing the results on screen. It prints perfectly!
No more goof-ups and wastage of those expensive multi-partforms. Speeds
processing too. Features include: auto-time/date/sequence numbering; block
cut/paste/copy; import/export; forms up to 130 columns by 86 lines.
Operates on IBM family and close compatible computers. DOS 2.1+, 320K RAM
and 1 floppy required. Complete printer drivers included. Supports most
printers including Epson/IBM and compatible printers; also the HP-LaserJet
and compatibles ("Y"cartridge; other fonts may vary see soft font pack
below). Over 90 user modifiable forms also included. Additional new
features include: slick user interface with moving bar "pull-down" menus
and on-line help; annotated forms directory; "LQ" 24 pin dot matrix and
integrated Laser printer support (see optional laser Font pack below);
bolding and underlining; printed user guide and 90+ basic forms pack
included. Only $49 (Extra forms packs... see below.)

EZ-FORMS EXECUTIVE (EZFX) Ver. 2.1. "The Ultimate Forms Generator and
Manager". In addition to all the features of EZ-FORMS LITE, add moving-bar
menus with over 125 screens of on-line help, a comprehensive printed
manual/tutorial, Math (add, subtract, multiply, divide, column/row
addition); Macros(keystroke record/playback makes form fill-out a breeze);
ASCII data file merge, auto date, time, increment numbering,
multi-character drawing, fill-in and file, clear forms overlay (for pre-
printed forms); chain (multi-page forms) and multy-copy printing; handles
forms up to 248 columns by 132 lines. Enhanced printer support includes
extensive user modifiable printer attributes and embedded characters, also
double/single block/shade character line drawing and any character "drag"
modes, italics, superscript, subscript, double wide, bold, underline, etc.
for properly equipped printers. Laser Printer (HP and compatibles) support
includes auto font downloading, graphics emulation and custom font support
see optional font disk below. "LQ" 24 pin. as well as, 9 pin dot matrix
printers are also fully supported.

Other features include: file encryption; file compression to save valuable
disk space; file description annotation; increment number counter
(different number on each form) printing; auto-tab/fill-in and file (makes
filling out pre-printed forms a snap); field markers (lock out designated
areas); vertical typing; large character translation; zero suppression;
word-wrap, centering, justification; cut and paste; protected field
overide; graphics "walk-around" mode; fully customizeable printer drivers;
user definition of embedded characters; Operates on IBM family and close
compatible computers. DOS 2.1 or higher, 512K RAM and at least 2 floppy
drives are required, hard drive recommended. 101+ pre-designed and user
modifiable forms (Basic Forms Pack) plus a comprehensive printed user
guide are included. Only $89 (Extra forms packs... see below.)

(Any 2, deduct $10; 3 or more, deduct $20; 4 or more, deduct $30)

Forms Pack "A" (General Business): 65+ forms , ...Only $29
Forms Pack "B" (Sales and Marketing): 55+ forms, ...Only $29
Forms Pack "C" (Management and Personnel): 33+ forms, ...Only $19
Forms Pack "D" (Technical): 47+ forms, ...Only $24
Forms Pack "E" (Home and Personal): 27+ forms, ...Only $15
Forms Pack "F" (Contracts): 15+ forms, ...Only $15
Forms Pack "G" (Property Management) 40+ forms, ...Only $24
Forms Combo Pack (includes A, B, C, D, E, and F above): ...
Only $99 with EZFL or $79 with EZFX ($155 SRP)

Laser Font Support Pack -- 10 downladable soft fonts for the HP LaserJet
Plus, Series II and compatibles. Includes 5 portrait and 5 landscape fonts
in "LINE PRINTER BOLD". 10, 11, 12, 15 and 17 pitch are represented.
These fonts are integrated with EZFX and include the line drawing, block,
shade, etc. graphics characters not normally included with other soft
fonts. Includes full documentation and download utilities. Only $49 ($29

spreadsheet pro in 20 minutes or less! EZ-SPREADSHEET won't confuse you,
try your patience, of force you to learn 457 commands to get started.
What you get is a spreadsheet that will produce 64 columns by 512 rows;
more than enough for 99% of user's needs. EZS requires an IBM family or
compatible computer, DOS 2.1+, 256K ram minimum and 1 disk drive. Any
monitor and almost any printer will work. For Epson type printers, a
sideways printing program is supplied. Includes printed manual/tutorial
plus 5 sample spreadsheets. Only $29.


EZX-WRITE WordStar (MicroPro) compatible word processor with hundreds
of features including: Pulldown menus with on-line help; windows let you
edit two files at once; Macros for "recording" repetative commands or
boilerplate; print spooling - allows you to continuing editing while your
printer does its thing; Supports all popluar printers - bold, italics,
underline, super/subscript, and alternate fonts are available - or create
you own printer dirvers; DOS shell for formatting that ever full diskette;
EGA monitor support; headers and footers; lightning fast search and
replace; word wrap and justification; "undo"; adjustable tabs, margins and
ruler lines; "point-and-shoot" directories; automatic file backup; block
copy, move, delete, read or write from disk, even between windows and
documents; user defined colors; Requires IBM family of computers or
compatible, with 256K ram, DOS 2.1+, one disk drive, any monitor, and of
course, a compatible printer.

$19 (Rev. W23, $49srp) with DOC on disk (add $10 for printed manual)

Disk "A": 125 Business/Personal Letters&Contracts: $29 Only $10 with EZXW.
Disk "B": Over 100 Legal Documents: $29 Only $10 with EZXW.


EZX-BASE Capable of millions of records with a hard drive. Great for that
mailing or customer list. Fast and easy to use, no complicated setup or
programming involved. Requires IBM/compatible, 256K, any monitor and
printer. Only $19 ($49 SRP). Add $10 for printed manual.

EZX-TALK Quick and easy modem communications (300 thru 9600 baud); large
number auto-dial directory, etc. Requires IBM/compatible computer, 256K,
1 floppy, and Hayes or compatible modem. Only $19 ($49 SRP). Add $10 for
printed manual.


ORDER INFO: If you are ordering with a VISA, MasterCard, or American
Express/Optima, feel free to call in your order toll free at
1-800-US-EASY-X (extension B300) which rings only our order desk (how did
the guys at MCI do that?). Please note that the information and customer
service line is 1-713-338-2238, the order line staff is not able to help

Mail orders to: EZX Corporation
P.O. Box 58177-CL11
Webster, TX 77598 USA.

(s/h add, $5 USA/48, $10 AK, HI, PR, APO, FPO, VI, Canada, $20 foreign.)



1. EZ-Copy Lite was developed by Dave Black of MaeDae Enterprises.
2. Special thanks to Jim Nech for his technical advice on how to speed up
EZ-Copy Lite.
3. EZ-Copy Lite was written in C and uses the Professional C Windows
described below. The source for EZ-Copy Lite consists of about 8,000
lines of code.
4. Special thanks to Jim Nech at SSS for his excellent C & Assembly
language windowing package (Professional C Windows) used in EZ-Copy
Lite. It comes with complete source code and is only $89. This
package is a must for software developers (info/orders 713-484-8061).


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