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-- Easy Unzip v2.0 -- Trevor MacT

Usage : EU [Destination Directory] [Zipfile] [Switches]

Quick Help : EU (return)

You've just downloaded an evening's worth of files from your favorite BBS
and now you are going to examine them. You need Easy Unzip!

This utility automates the process of unzipping a file, stripping or
adding a new comment, deleting BBS adds and scanning it for the latest
virus. It requires only PKZIP and PKUNZIP to operate (SCAN is optional). It
will operate in ANSI colour, if asked nicely.


The DESTINATION DIRECTORY is where you want unzipped files to go. This
directory will NOT be created.

The ZIPFILE (.ZIP extention is assumed and therefore not neccesary) is
the full path of the file you wish to unzip.

The SWITCHES are the switches.


The -A switch enables ANSI graphics (color). BIOS non-color is default.

The -S switch Skips the scan function. Use this if you're confident.

The -C switch shuts off Comment stripping.

The -G switch enables Goto destination directory after unzip. This switch
will leave you in the destination directory.

The -D switch enables Delete destination directory WITHOUT prompting.
Be careful you know what's there.

The -Nc:\path\comment.txt switch will make COMMENT.TXT the new comment
for the file being processed. Please include full path of file. This will
not work if the -C switch is used.

All switches may be UPPER or lower case. They must have either a "-" or "/"
in front of them and each be separated by a space.
EU C:\UNZIPPED C:\DOWN\SCANV72.ZIP -S -D -Nc:\new_cmnt.txt

will work, while

EU C:\UNZIPPED C:\DOWN\SCANV72.ZIP -SDNc:\new_cmnt.txt
will not.


By far the easiest way to use this utility is to make sure it is somewhere
in your DOS PATH. PKZIP, PKUNZIP & SCAN must be there as well (of course).

This program works great when called from a simple batch file. Make a .BAT
file called, say, UN.BAT that looks like this.


After you have downloaded NEWFILE.ZIP to your C:\DOWNLOAD directory
just type:

The TEMP directory will be deleted WITHOUT prompting (be careful), NEWFILE
will have it's zipfile comment stripped while it is uncompressed. README.ROS
(and older versions of same) will be deleted from the TEMP directory the
the directory will be scanned for VIRUS . Because the -G switch was used
you will be sitting in the C:\COMM\TEMP directory ready to try out your new

This becomes even EASIER if you use PC Tools. Set up UN.BAT in your
Applications and set the file specs to *.ZIP. Any time you double click on
a .ZIP file, it will automatically be unzipped to the TEMP directory.

Revision History

v2.1 -02-08-91 - Fixed time display in non-ansi mode.

v2.0 - 02-02-91 - Added "non-ANSI" option. Added "new comment" option.
Changed "Bug fixes" to "Revision History" (more optimistic

v1.1 - 01-01-91 - Fixed VIEW zipfile feature. It didn't always find
the file to be viewed.

v1.0 - 11-22-90 - First Release.



EASY UNZIP is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind
expressed or implied. In no event will I be liable to you for any damages,
including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential
damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the program, even if I
have been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any
other party.

EASY UNZIP is freeware. You are encouraged to give copies to your friends
and upload it to bulletin boards, however sale of the program for profit by
anyone is strictly prohibited.

Any comments, suggestion and the likes are welcome.

Trevor MacT
1690 Howat Crescent
Mississauga, ONT

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