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An Environment
Ver 3.0

Stephen V. Genusa
Programming & Consulting
149 Wheeler Road
Monroe, LA 71203
(318) 343-3805

ED is a shareware program. If you like ED I am asking that you
send a $15 registration fee. If you send $20 or more I will
send you the next version.

This version of ED will handle any type of file attributes for
the config.sys and autoexec.bat. You can make them hidden and/
or readonly if you like and ED will handle it ok.

By using this program you agree that Stephen V. Genusa is not
responsible for any losses incurred through use of this program.

ED is the simplest method in existence of editing the 3 most
common things that make your machine purr (or grumble if you
don't do it right):

1) The current environment
2) The config.sys file
3) The autoexec.bat file

To use ED just type in ED [enter] and all three are loaded
into memory for your editing.

To switch between files/enviro just press the [F1] key. To
abort the changes press [F5] and to save the current file
press [F10].

The editor uses many the same commands as the Turbo Pascal
editor such as:

^QF : Find
^L : Next
^QA : Replace
F7 : Block begin
F8 : Block end
^KC : Block copy
^KV : Block move

The program looks on the current drive for the config.sys and
autoexec.bat files. If it does not find them and the current
drive is D then ED will look on drive C for the files. If it
still doesn't find them it will create them on the current

ED Ver 3.0 now reports some basic system information such as
memory installed (standard ram, extended & EMS), ports
installed and more.

This version also fixes a few bugs in the previous versions.

All registrations and requests for information concerning
distribution licenses should be sent to:


Name : ________________________________

Company Name : ________________________________

Address : ________________________________

City : ________________________________ State : _____ Zip : _________

Phone : ________________________________

(New Version Optional) SHIPPING $ 5.00
TOTAL $20.00

TOTAL ENCLOSED :_____________




Stephen V. Genusa
Programming & Consulting
149 Wheeler Road
Monroe, LA 71203