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* DVCopy 2.00 - Changes/Fixes from 1.01:

- DVCopy, mistakenly, reported about NDOS as 4DOS. Fixed.

- When copying to floppy drive, and no diskette was in the drive,
DVCopy reported about insufficient disk space. Fixed.

- DSETUP did not accept the registration key, if spaces were added to
its end. Fixed.

- When a Microsoft or compatible mouse driver was loaded, it took
DVCopy a long time to initialize. Fixed.

+ Added a "/CFG" function, which will generate a readable (text)
configuration file, in the same directory as DVCOPY.EXE.

+ Added a "/IMP" function, which reads the text-style config made by
[/CFG], and "burns-in" all settings into the EXE itself.

+ Added the [/Q] parameter: If used, it will force DVCopy not to
prompt before replacing files (even if the settings in DSetup are
different). In addition, DVCopy will not display the names of the
file, as they are being copied.

+ DVCopy will no longer copy hidden or system files, unless [/H] is
given on the command line. Also note that the target files have the
same attributes as the original.

+ Added the [/N] parameter: When given on the command line, DVCopy
will display all file names, but will not do the actual copy/move.

+ Added the [/P] parameter: When given on the command line, DVCopy
will confirm each copy (Y or N). An N response will skip that
particular file.

+ Added the [/R] parameter: When given, it will do the opposite of
[/Q], and will FORCE DVCopy to confirm overwrites.

+ Added the [/U] parameter: When given, DVCopy will only copy files
when the target does not exist, or is older than the source.

+ Added the [/C] parameter: When given, DVCopy will only copy files
when the target DOES exist, but is older than the source file.

+ Added the [/V] parameter: When given, DVCopy will turn DOS's VERIFY
flag during the copying, and restore it to its previous condition
when finished.

+ Added the [/S] parameter: When given, DVCopy will each directory to
a matching subdirectory of the target. When using this switch, the
target must be a directory. If it doesn't exist, DVCopy will create

+ It is now possible to define, in DSetup, how many seconds should
DVCopy wait for locked files.

+ Added built-in case-sensitive HELP to DSETUP.

- In some cases, DVCopy did not maintain its heap space properly, and
caused heap-overflows (runtime error).

+ Fixed a few colors in DSETUP.

- DVCopy got crazy when commands such as the following were entered:


The problem occured when "current directory" on drive B was NOT the
root directory. This bug is fixed!

- When a mouse driver was detected, DSetup enabled mouse support.
Unfortunately, this mouse support is not complete, and doesn't work
well under DESQview, and therefore is disabled.

- DVCopy, in some cases, reported about insufficient disk-space as a
plain error, and part of the copied file remained on the disk. This
is fixed. Furthermore, DVCopy now makes sures there is enough disk
space, before starting to copy.

+ Stating several unrelated source files, is now possible. The format
is the same as 4DOS. The last name argument specifies the target
directory or file.

+ If more than one file is copied, and target is file and not a
directory, DVCopy will append the files. Unlike 4DOS and MS-DOS,
DVCopy's default is to append binary files (ignoring ^Z).

+ DVCopy's output now depends on the nature of the operation. On
regular copy, a double-tailed arrow is used ( => ). On moves, a
single-tailed arrow is used ( -> ), and when appending files, a
double-headed arrow is used ( =>> ).

+ {+} Registered Only Feature:
Before overwriting (or skipping) a file which already exists, DVCopy
confirms the operation. The keyboard-response is either "Overwrite
this file", "Skip this file", "Follow the default settings" or "Quit
to DOS".

+ When detecting a locked file, now skips to the next file, moving
this file to the end of the queue. Then, when all files are copied,
DVCopy retries to open, once more the locked files.

+ {+} Registered Only Feature:
Registered users, who substitute DVCOPY instead of their internal
DOS COPY command, can now supress the Copyright notice and settings
display, and have a clean operation.

+ {+} Registered Only Feature:
It is now possible to change the protection level WHILE COPYING! By
pressing any of the numeric keys in the range of 0 to 5, the
protection level will be changed. A tiny 'beep', and a small pop-up
window on top of the screen will confirm the protection level was
indeed changed.

+ The look of the settings-display was changed, and is now nicer and
more compact.

+ An UPGRADE utility was added, which will upgrade version 1.01
executables into 2.00. Future upgrades will be done using the [/IMP]
and [/CFG] switches.

* DVCopy 1.01 - Changes/Fixes from 0.99:

+ You can now setup DVCopy to overwrite or not to overwrite files when
copying or moving.

- DSETUP's menu seemed to blink all the time. Fixed.

+ DSETUP is now even more well-behaved under DESQview than ever. It
gives around 98% of its time-slice back to DESQview, when idle.

+ {+} Registered-Only feature:
Specifying the /M command-line, anywhere on the command line, will
cause DVCopy to move files, and not copy them. DVCopy will move
4DOS description with files themselves, if feature is enabled. It
will also use fast-move (FAT change) when move is done within the
same drive.

+ {+} Registered-Only feature:
Progress Indicator can be used. If enabled, DVCopy will show you
running figures, that represent the precent of copy that has
already been done.

+ It is now possible to override default protection level, using the
command line parameter /n (n = protection level), anywhere on the

- Fixed cases when DVCopy did not recognize DOS's 'Data CRC error',
and invalid floppy-disk changes.

- DVCopy did not work properly when copying files to '\'. fixed.

* DVCopy 0.99 - Changes/Fixes from 0.50:

- The annoying bug that caused tons of people to have 0-sized files
copied is fixed.

- DVCopy did not parse well dest. directory name, that ended with
backslash (i.e. DVCOPY A:. D:\SUBDIR\). Now it does...

+ {+} Registered-Only Feature: DVCopy can optionally now copy the
4DOS/NDOS Description of the files together with the files
themselves, just like 4DOS/NDOS would of done with their internal
COPY. This feature will be disabled on unregistered versions of

* DVCopy 0.50 - Changes/Fixes from 0.20á:

+ External configuration added, to allow setting default parameters.
Configurable parts are Sharing-Under-DV, Sharing-OutSide-DV and
Floppy protection level. Configuration can also integrity check
DVCopy, install registration key, and print registration form.

+ You can now set DVCopy's performance (how much power will it give to
DESQview). This parameter is called 'Floppy Protection Level', and
can be defined from either configuration or DOS Environment Variable

+ You can now specify target file name, and not only directory. Also,
supports target file name that contains wildcards.

- DVCopy will try to recover from non-fatal errors in opening files,
and continue to next file - if any.

- DVCopy will no more ignore cases where disk is already full, and
will not continue write 0-sized files.

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