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Copyright 1987,1988 By: Jeffrey B. Chwirut
(The DISKCOPY Alternative)
Version 3.01 - Limited Use (50 Runs) Version!


This Version of DUPDSK is NOT Public Domain or FREEBIE Software, it is Being
Distributed as a Limited Run Evaluation Version for Trial Use on a Private and
/or Commercial Basis, for the Express Purpose of Determining Whether DUPDSK is
Suitable for Their Needs. At the end of the Trial Period you can Obtain a NEW
NON - LIMITED Version of DUPDSK for a Registration Fee of $15.00 or go back to
Using DISKCOPY! The Choice is yours.

Send Any Suggestions, Criticisms and/or Registrations to:

Jeffrey B. Chwirut
C/O Automatic Data Processing
6006 Executive Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland 20852


DUPDSK is my alternative to the DISKCOPY program supplied on the DOS disks.
The program was written in TURBO Pascal Version 3.0 using routines found in
public domain as well as my own ideas. It was written to fill a need that I
had to be able to quickly produce multiple copies of software releases for a
PC based payroll system that company that work for wrote. DUPDSK will make
copies of 360k diskettes in about 25 seconds on a IBM PS/2 model 50 provided
that previously formatted disks are used. (Your Mileage May Vary). If needed
DUPDSK will format your disks for you faster than DOS can. DUPDSK requires
only one read of the master disk and because of this you must have at least
400k of available memory to run DUPDSK.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due and since I did include a
few routines from the public domain libraries of TURBO routines here we go:

Menu & windowing Routines : TECHNOJOCKS TURBO TOOLKIT, Bob Ainsbury

Disk Formatting Routines : By: Bill Bliss , The Whitewater Group

Disk Copy Routines : By: Kim Kokkonen , TurboPower Software

Thanks guys, for releasing your efforts into public domain.

To register your copy of DUPDSK send in the form on the next page to the
following address:

Jeffrey B. Chwirut
c/o Automatic Data Processing
6006 Executive Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland 20852

DUPDSK Registration



City, State Zip:________________________, ______ ________

Home Phone: (_______) _______-_________

Work Phone: (_______) _______-_________

For your $15.00 Registration Fee you will receive the most current
Unlimited use Version of DUPDSK, Free Technical Support for 1 year.

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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