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DSKREADY Geoff Drayson 1/1/89
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( From a Public Message sent by FABIAN GORDON to ALL on BATPOWER. 11/30/88)

DSKREADY is a routine for checking the status of a disk drive to avoid
getting the "Abort, Retry, Fail" message in batch files. It also provides a
way to check if a PROTECTED HARD DRIVE is available for access.

Command Syntax: DSKREADY

DSKREADY (.com) will set the following Errorlevels:

255 Drive does not exist.
12 General Failure (Disk NOT Formatted).
2 Drive NOT ready (No disk or door open).
0 Drive is ready.

Note: Some "PROTECTED" HARD DISK will give ERRORLEVEL 2 when they are not
available (Mounted).

The Archive DSKREADY.ARC contains the following files :

DSKREADY.DOC This documentation file.
DSKREADY.COM Disk Ready Program.
DSKREADY.DEB Source code for DEBUG input file.
MAKE.BAT Batch file to Make the from Dskready.deb.
Assumes DEBUG program is in current directory or
on the PATH.
TEST.BAT Batch file to test operation of the COM file.
Syntax: TEST

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