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Registration And Licenses

DOSNIX ver. 0.94h is the product of many hours of design, testing
and debugging, and is distributed as shareware. If you use this
utility package beyond a reasonable period of time for evaluation,
you are required to to register it. The fee for a single user
registration is $30.00.

This version of DOSNIX is a completely usable set of utilities
and has not been crippled. However, I would like to keep it down
to a size which can be easily distributed, so I have reserved
several utilities to be delivered upon registration. When you
register you will be mailed a copy of the latest version of DOSNIX
which includes these additional utilities: CPDIR, GET, SPLIT, SGREP
and WC.

Your registration gives you the right to use future versions of
DOSNIX and you may upgrade at any time by sending $5.00 for shipping
and handling. Because future versions will probably include price
increases, you will not lose anything by registering now.

Business and commercial users are invited to use DOSNIX on a
trial basis and then apply for a site license. The fee for
a basic site license, good for up to three computers, is $80.00.
Aditional computers can be licensed for $25.00 each. These prices
include one master disk which can be copied as often as necessary.

Copies of DOSNIX ver. 0.94h can be made and distributed, provided
that all utilities, documentation and licensing information are
included, and that no fee is charged. Even if you do not use this
program you are encouraged to share it with your friends and to upload
it to bulletin boards.

To register your copy of DOSNIX or to purchase a site license, fill
out the form and mail it to me at the address below:

Gerald M. Vrooman
RD 1 Box 56
Chenango Forks, NY



NAME: ____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________



____ Single user registration @ $30.00 ____________

____ Basic Site License @ $80.00 ____________
(Up to three computers)

____ Additional computers @ $25.00 ____________

Total amount enclosed ____________

Please circle one: 5.25" disk 3.5" disk