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Version 1.0, Copyright 1991 Gerald A. Monroe

Purpose: A utility which displays, and optionally alters, the
diskette serial number on floppy diskettes which have
been formatted using MS-DOS Version 4.0 or later, or
a compatible disk format program.

Format: DISKID d: [/Nxxxx-xxxx]

Remarks: DISKID requires MS-DOS or PC-DOS Version 4.0 or later.
It works only with floppy diskettes and other types of
removable media. It does not work on hard disk drives.

The d: parameter is required. It represents the drive where the
the diskette is located.

The /Nxxxx-xxxx parameter is optional. You can use it to change the
diskette serial number to the string represented by "xxxx-xxxx".
The digits represented by "x" must be valid hexadecimal (base 16)
digits within the range 0-9 or A-F.

If you do not specify a /N parameter, the diskette serial number
is not altered.

DISKID does not work on diskettes which were formatted by a version
of DOS prior to Version 4.0. The serial number feature was added to
DOS with Version 4.0, and disks formatted by earlier versions do not
have the space reserved in which the DOS serial number is placed.


DISKID.EXE and DISKID.DOC, Version 1.0, are Copyright 1991 by
Gerald A. Monroe. All rights are reserved except those expressly
granted here:

These files may be used and distributed freely, but on non-commercial
terms only, and only if they are distributed together and neither is
modified in any way.

either alone or together with other software, on ANY medium for which
ANY fee or premium is charged, without the express written permission
of the copyright owner. Any corporation, organization, or individual
wishing to distribute DISKID on such terms should apply in writing

Gerald A. Monroe
1241 Bunts Road
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

CompuServe ID # 72321,1257

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Archive   : DISKID.ZIP
Filename : DISKID.DOC

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