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DDKEY 2.01, updated 2/26/93, by David M. Dibble

In brief: Tiny but powerful key redefinition utility

Long description:

A 7.5k TSR key redefinition utility for writers
and programmers. Features pop-up editing, optional
record mode, literal key, halt for user entry in
macros, chain to another macro, instant on/off, pair
shorthand, toggle CapsLock or NumLock from macro,
specified pause, reassign macros to other key,
automatic capitalization at sentence start, 24-hr
alarm, screen blanker, ASCII table, print screen to
file, modify cursor, load and save key files. Fully
customizable. Includes Dvorak layout utility.

Requires DOS 2.0 or better

Registration: $18.00
User receives disk with the latest version of
DDKEY. The next major update is sent free. Bonus
utilities: DKEY-0K (frees up screen buffer, saves 4k
RAM), DEEPLOCK (simple security program), FOR-DO
(extends DOS FOR statement), and WSFILT (converts
WORDSTAR documents).

Update 2.0: Adds DINSTALL, DDKEY installation program
for full customization. Minor improvements.
Update 2.01: Dropped internal stack (WordStar conflict)

Ten files, total size: 71K

3UTILS DOC 4056 2-04-93 9:55p
CTRL COM 471 4-02-92 9:55p
DVORAK COM 531 1-02-93 9:55p
KEYCODE COM 1216 1-02-93 10:30p
DDKEY201 DOC 43643 2-26-93 2:01p
DDKEY COM 10088 2-26-93 2:01p
DINSTALL COM 3971 2-26-93 7:23p
WS KEY 484 1-10-92 6:59p
DDK-ORDR FRM 1140 2-26-93 2:01p
VENDOR DOC 2111 2-26-93 2:01p

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Archive   : DDKEY201.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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