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*********************** REGISTRATION BENEFITS *************************

You receive the following: (See the file ORDER.FRM for an order form)

1. The latest version of CRUSH, without the "Teaser" Registration
banner. This reduces the size of CRUSH.EXE by about 1k.

2. The additional programs UNDO.EXE and UNDO2.EXE which provide tiny
alternatives to UNCRUSH.EXE for unpacking an uncompressed CRUSH
archive. UNDO.EXE is 3.8k and ignores any path information.
UNDO2.EXE is 4.3k and will also re-construct embedded paths. These
programs can be included within distribution archives that hold
CRUSH archives, providing the smallest package that will allow
UNCRUSHing without additional programs. Ideally UNDO.EXE and a CRU
archive could be embedded inside an SFX archive.

3. A disk copy of the full manual as ASCII text, PostScript and
Laserjet format, suitable for direct printing.

4. The user will receive support by CIS mail or post for the program
for 2 years after the registration date.

5. 1 free upgrade to later versions, as available (small S&H charge).

******************** EXTRA BENEFITS worth $65 (US)! *******************
(Details below may change without notice)

In addition to the registered version of CRUSH, the user will receive:

1. Discounted Subscription to PsL News
Registered users will receive a 1/3 discount on a subscription,
reducing it from $18 to just $12! The user will be provided with a
toll-free number and special Order Number upon registration.

2. Discounted Subscription to PsL Source Book
The Source Book is nearly 1000 pages of reviews of over 7000
public domain and shareware files. PC Magazine called it "by far
the most thorough and reliable guide to shareware and freeware
anywhere." Includes a six-disk set with the text of the book
updated through the current month. Special price: $13.40 + s&h.

3. Discounted Subscription to PsL CD-ROM
The Monthly CD contains all the new programs received by PsL from
the authors in the prior 30 days -- over 500 programs on the first
CD, nearly 700 on the second, plus bonus programs. Get the first
issue of your subscription for just $5.95 plus + s&h. Future
issues are $19.95 + s&h billed monthly. Cancel any time.

4. Discounted Purchase for the Pier Shareware CD-ROM
The Pier Shareware CD-ROMs are a series of sequentially updated
discs containing the latest Shareware programs. All files on the
discs are TRULY the most CURRENT files available on the market. To
top it off there are NO duplication of files between discs!
Features: 650+ Megs of Shareware files. ThePier retrieval
software, the World's Fastest! Full GAP, PCBoard, Spitfire,
Wildcat, and Remote Access BBS support. The CD retails for $39 on
the open market and $29 to sysops. You receive a special $9.95
discount coupon for the CD-ROM with the registration of CRUSH.

5. Discounted Subscription to CD-ROM "JCSM Shareware Collection"
JCSM are offering this at 1/2 price at $9.95 + S&H. You will be
provided with a voucher to allow you claim this discount.

6. CompuServe Sign-Up
Registered users will be provided with details about a special
offer from CompuServe. This provides a FREE sign up, $15.00 usage
credit and a complimentary subscription to CompuServe Magazine.

7. PocketD Plus - (Shareware version)
PocketD Plus is an extremely powerful but tiny File Manager for
DOS. It was awarded "BEST UTILITY 1992" by PsL and was joint
runner-up "BEST UTILITY 1994" WHAT-PC (May) shared with Stacker

4.0 and Dr Solomon's Toolkit (PC-Tools for Windows 1st). As of
June '94, it had registered users in 17 countries and had amassed
5500 words of review text. PocketD Plus will allow you to perform
tasks either too difficult or impossible by other means.

8. BOXER Editor (Shareware version)
The registered disk comes with the very latest version of the
widely acclaimed BOXER Editor. This comprehensive editor provides
more features than any other editor I have come across. These are
accessed by comprehensive menus, which combine to give an editor
which is powerful and easy to use. BOXER requires further
registration should the user continue to use it.

************************** PAYMENT METHODS ****************************

You can pay for CRUSH by one of the following means:

-> Europe In Pounds Sterling by cheque (UK bank), Eurocheque, banker's
draft or international money order to: PocketWare, Box 2369,
Hendon, London, NW4 1NR, England.

-> World Via Compuserve. Type "GO SWREG" & select one of the CRUSH
options. This is the quickest method, excepting UK route

-> World In U.S. dollars with your MC, Visa, AmEx or Discover card by
calling 800-2424-PsL or 713-524-6394 or by FAX to
713-524-6398 or by CIS to 71355,470 or by mail to PsL, P.O.
Box 35705, Houston, Texas 77235-5705. Quote PsL item #11363.
(These numbers are for ordering only).

-> Canada In Canadian dollars with your MC, VISA or Canadian cheque to
CALGARY, ALBERTA, T3C 3W2. (403) 243-2393 Fax: (403)
243-2396 - (800-663-1537 out of town).

-> France, Belgium and Switzerland
The DP Tool Club (ASP Approved Vendor) will convert payments
in your native currency for CRUSH. Payments accepted by:
Visa or MC: Quote holder's name, number and expiry date.
French users can also register with a cheque drawn on a
French bank, or with a Postal Money Order. Convert the
price including shipping from the U.S. Dollar price to your
own currency. Send payment and registration form to: DP Tool
Club, B.P. 745, 99 rue Parmentier, 59657 Villeneuve D'Ascq,
FRANCE. Voice +33-, Fax +33-

-> Australia
Budgetware (ASP Approved Vendor), will accept payments in
Australian dollars for CRUSH. Pay by credit card by calling
+61 (02) 519-4233, or FAX +61 (02) 516-4236, or by cheque to
Budgetware, P.O. Box 496, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia.
Calculate the payment by converting the US$ prices using the
current exchange rate.

-> By cash. Users who choose to pay in cash do so entirely at their own
risk (US$ notes and Sterling only). If we receive an empty
envelope, then we do not ship the goods!

>>>>>>>>>>> Ordering from outside the US/UK or European Vendors?

NO PROBLEM! ---> Simply mail your order to PsL (see above), who
will reliably and efficiently process your order. NOTE: Major
credit cards allow you to pay for goods in US Dollars, and then
they charge you in your native currency, typically charging a
0%-2% fee for the privilege.

Enquiries are welcomed for bundling with other software.

>>>>>>>>>>> PRICING

(For the price in Canadian dollars simply multiply the US price by 1.4)


+---------------+ Private/educational Commercial
|PsL item #11363| per copy per copy
Number purchased U.K price U.S price U.K price U.S price

1 user : œ 16.00 $ 29.00 œ 24.00 $ 45.00
2+ users : œ 13.00 $ 24.00 œ 21.00 $ 38.00
Network/Office : œ 66.00 $ 122.00 œ 100.00 $ 186.00
Site Licence : œ 132.00 $ 244.00 œ 200.00 $ 372.00
Distribution : œ 32.00 $ 58.00 œ 48.00 $ 90.00


Distribution Licence: CRUSH can be used for distributing compressed
files (but not CRUSH.EXE). This allows limitless distribution.

Office Licence: This entitles the program to be shared between up to 15
non-networked machines within one office. Further machines require
additional Office licences, or extra Single user licences.

Network Licence: This entitles the program to be shared on a network of
up to 30 workstations. Networks with more than 30 workstations
require multiple Network licences, or the site licence (below).

Site Licence: The basic site licence entitles the program to be shared
by up to 100 employees from one company on one site, where a site
consists of a single plot of land with one or more buildings. If
the licence is required for more than 100 employees, then extra
site licences need to be purchased until each employee is covered.

Users requiring multiple licences can negotiate with us directly via
one of: e-mail, voice phone or address, as detailed in the file

-----> See the file ORDER.FRM for an order form

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