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This program schedules jobs to be run at user specified time. It is
similar to 'crontab' in UNIX at a striped down and simplified level.
The program runs in the foreground of the DOS system as DOS is a
single tasking system anyway.

User specifies jobs or programs to be run at certain time in a file
called 'cronfile'. This file contains entries of programs to be run
at specified hour and minute.

Each entry has 3 fields, separated by a '~' character. This first
field is the hour (0-23), field 2 is the minute (0-59), and the last
field is the program to be run at that time with all necessary

When the scheduler is running, you can hit F1 to display the cronfile,
namely, all jobs and time when they are run; F2 to toggle displaying
of current time; ESC to abort the scheduler; and '!' to escape to DOS.

To start the scheduler, type the command


where CRONFILE is the file that consists of all the jobs to be run at
specified time.

This program is written by:

Emile T. Hong
AT&T Technologies, Inc.
Lee's Summit, MO 64063