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What's New in CopyQM 3.02

September 3, 1992

Sydex, Inc.
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405
(503) 683-6033

CopyQM 3.02 implements the following changes from Version 3.01:

1. The menu interface (CQMENU) has been simplified. Users should
find it much simpler to use.

2. Due to popular request, command-line syntax help is available for
COPYQM.COM by specifying any of the following command line

HELP /HELP /H ? or /?

3. A small bug regarding conversion of FULL 360K diskettes to other
formats has been repaired. Although all data was copied, the
last two bytes of the File Allocation Table were not.

4. Systems with DR DOS or STACKER do not implement the entire set
of device driver functions for hard disks. This would cause
CopyQM to fail while reading the master diskette. This could
be worked around by specifying a hard disk path with the CQTEMP
environment variable. Version 3.02 now makes this unncessary as
an alternate method of locating a free hard disk is now used.

5. If the command-line switch VSN is used on CopyQM, a unique
Volume Serial Number will be placed in the boot record of each
diskette copy. The original master diskette must have been
formatted with DOS 4.0 or later. If a boot sector is detected
that does not support the DOS VSN feature, this option will have
no effect.

CopyQM 3.01 Changes

1. Some Phoenix 386 BIOS have a bug wherein interrupts are left
disabled after a Reset Disk is performed. This causes CopyQM
to hang up on INSERT MASTER DISKETTE if no diskette has been
inserted before CopyQM starts.

2. Yet another Phoenix bug in some 386 BIOS sets prevented CopyQM
from writing high-density 1.2M diskettes. The symptoms of this
bug are (a) It is impossible to write a 1.2M diskette, and
(b) A 1.2M diskette cannot be formatted after CopyQM has completed.
Our suspicions are that Phoenix put in a kludge to their standard
286 BIOS to support 1.44M diskette drives and really messed things
up. At any rate, CopyQM now checks for a Phoenix BIOS (the word
"Phoenix" at F000:E038) and resets the diskette drive status at

3. If less than 1.4M of XMS is available, CopyQM would skip allo-
cating what WAS available and move on to allocating hard disk.
This normally does not present a problem, except for systems
where no hard disk is present.

4. On occasion, when making a playback file from a 1.44M diskette,
the file was incompletely recorded, usually skipping the last
track. Fixed.

5. Serial number files longer than about 64 bytes were being appended
to incorrectly. Now fixed.

We've added a bit of color to the "Thermometer Bar" at the bottom of the
screen. Red indicates that data is being accessed from base memory,
Cyan indicates EMS, Yellow indicates XMS and Magenta shows that a disk
file is being used. Green indicates that the diskette area does not
contain active data. We may change this color scheme in the release
version to make the distinction more visible to monochrome display users.

Users of the serial-numbering feature can limit the number of times
CopyQM will substitute a serial number for the pattern given by SNPATTERN=.
Use the keyword SNCOUNT=number to specify the maximum number of times that
the substitution is carried out.

Those users using Micro Solutions' CompatiCard IV as a SECONDARY
controller should consult the file CCARD.DOC for inoformation on
setting up a configuration file.

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