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CopyQM Version 3.02 Distribution Notes

September, 1992 Release

CopyQM is a program to read a master diskette and copy it to many blank
diskettes. CopyQM formats, copies and verifies and is meant to serve as
an inexpensive diskette duplicator. Multiple drive support and "no hands"
operation are CopyQM's distinguishing characteristics.

This file was distributed as COPYQ302.ZIP by Sydex. Authentic Validation
(-AV) should show that Sydex, Inc. was the originator. If, for any reason,
PKWare's .ZIP format is unsuitable, please use a file name of COPYQ302.
Thus, if you use SEA's ARC program, the file name would be COPYQ302.ARC.

CopyQM IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE, but rather, user-supported "Shareware".
That is, if you find it useful, you must register - more details
are given in the documentation file.

The following files are present in this archive:

CRC Checker, Copyright 1988, Sydex. All rights reserved

==== === ====== ====
COPYQM.COM 25114 28568 9/14/92
CQMENU.COM 55957 38610 9/14/92
VIEWCONF.COM 62533 4992 9/14/92
WHATS.NEW 36287 3613 9/14/92
ORDER.FRM 54211 1973 9/14/92
PRICES.DOC 34530 977 9/14/92
PRODLINE.DOC 58594 2033 9/14/92
CRCHECK.EXE 34996 5084 9/14/92
CCARD.DOC 18567 11076 9/14/92
COPYQM.DOC 20496 62723 9/14/92

READ.ME (What you're reading now)

The CRC's are a check of the integrity of the files contained here and
should be verified by executing the following:


If the CRC's and lengths match with the list above, you may be fairly
certain that you have received the files intact.


You can print the CopyQM documentation with the following DOS command:


Approximately 36 printed pages result. You may also display this file
with the following command:

You should also display or print the file WHATS.NEW to find out what
changes have been made.

The file WHATS.NEW is a text file describing changes made in the most
recent edition.

The file CCARD.DOC is a text file giving configuration hints to users
of the Micro Solutions, Inc., CompatiCard(tm) diskette controllers.


If you're already a registered user of CopyQM and you want an update of
the latest version, we'll be happy to oblige. Please enclose $5.00 with
your request to cover our costs of materials and postage. Orders outside
of the U.S. and Canada should add $5.00 for airmail postage and customs

Or, you can call our BBS at (503) 683-1385. Be sure to have your 5-digit
invoice number and your zip code. These are required for update validation.

All products and documentation here are

Copyright 1987-1992
P.O. Box 5700
Eugene, OR 97405
Voice: (503) 683-6033
FAX: (503) 683-1622
Data: (503) 683-1385

and may not be sold or licensed without the express permission of Sydex.
Distribution of this product MUST include all files contained herein.

Modification, addition, or deletion of any file or document or any part
thereof is prohibited and will be subject to prosecution under United
States and/or International copyright laws.

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