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CPDISK version 1.5b

Update history:

1.5b - fixes for 2.88 formatting, some verbiage corrected.

1.5a - This release - BETA version adding 2.88 MB support,
compare option, and new help system.

1.3e - Released fixes in disk table corrupted in 1.3d.

1.3d - New features released, including multiple copy support

1.3c - Not released
1.3b - Not released

1.3a - Added DPMI support (not released)

1.31 - Maintenance release - 720 diskettes corrupted on some machines

1.3 - Bug fixes to version 1.2, added XMS usage.

1.2 - First official release

Released to public domain.

CPDISK is a diskette duplication program that allows you to easily make
multiple copies of diskettes with or without formatting.

You only insert the source diskette ONE TIME and then the program will
repeatedly make copies of that first diskette. Format detection is
automatic, both on 3 1/2 and 5 1/4 floppies.

Required for use of the CPDISK program is a fixed disk with at least
as much free space as an entirely blank floppy of the type you are planning
to copy, OR the same amount of XMS.

/D - disk buffering only. Disables use of XMS.

/D::\" - use specified path for temp file (e.g. a vdisk...)
Example: "CPDISK B: /D:E:\" uses the root of the e-drive
(The above option was conceived by Timo Salmi, moderator at garbo.)

/N - No verify on write. Risky but fast. Great for in-laws.

/Cnnnn - Compare diskettes. This option has not been tested on all diskette
formats yet. Stops after nnnn mismatches.


Patrick Taylor
Internet - [email protected] (1993)
BBS - The Sounding Board (a Wildcat! BBS) 214-596-2915
3308 Lanarc
Plano, TX 75023

In the event that the author is difficult to find at some point in the
future, suggested good places to look would include:

* The Wildcat! support BBS
* comp.lang.pascal (UseNet)
* Look for The Sounding Board on a recent BBS list.

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Archive   : CPDSK15B.ZIP
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