Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Archive   : CONFIG20.ZIP
Filename : WHATS.NEW

Output of file : WHATS.NEW contained in archive : CONFIG20.ZIP

Version 2.00 (12/14/88)

Added the full-screen editor.

Added the following command line switches:

/e invoke the full-screen editor.
/l list systems then allow user to select from list.

Version 1.2 (8/24/88)

Added the capability to select a Warmboot (default) or Coldboot
through the use of the /COLD command:

/COLD Select Coldboot rather than the default Warmboot.

Version 1.1 (5/27/88)

Two new commands have been added to the CONFIG program:

Prompts the user whether to reboot or not. The default
it to reboot the system. To NOT reboot the system enter
'N' (upper or lower case).


Pause for the number of seconds indicated. This command
is useful if you are using a disk cache and your system
must have some time to complete writing the files to the
hard disk before the system reboot.