Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Archive   : CONFIG20.ZIP
Filename : EDITOR.CMD

Output of file : EDITOR.CMD contained in archive : CONFIG20.ZIP

The following table presents the available editor commands:

================================== =================================
Character left or
Character right or
Word left or
Word right or
Line up or
Line down or
Scroll up
Scroll down
Page up or
Page down or
Beginning of file R or
End of file C or
Beginning of line S or
End of line D or
Top of screen E or
Bottom of screen X or
Top of block B
Bottom of block K
Jump to marker 0..3 0.. 3
Set market 0..3 0.. 3
Previous cursor position P
New line or
Insert line
Insert control character {character}
Tab or
Delete current character or
Delete character left or
Delete word
Delete to end of line Y
Delete line
Find F
Find-and-replace A
Find next
Begin block B or
End block K or
Copy block C
Move block V
Delete block Y
Hide block H
Mark current word as block T
Read block from file R
Write block to file W
Print block P
Toggle insert mode or
Toggle autoindent mode I
Toggle fixed tabs T
Restore Line L
Exit editor (save file) D or or
Quit editor (no save) Q