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MULTIPLE CHOICE enables you to have multiple programs in memory,
and, with a keystroke, switch which program is displayed and
running. The memory of your computer is divided into up to 8
channels, each of which is like a separate computer which has its
own screen and can run a program. The memory used by the MULTIPLE
CHOICE program is about 4K, and about 6K of memory is needed for
each channel for state information. Using MC with three channels
will therefore use about 22K of memory. Each channel can run any
application that runs under DOS 2.x or 3.x, and all DOS facili-
ties are available, including batch files and I/O redirection.
The small size of MULTIPLE CHOICE leaves plenty of room to run
multiple applications, even 1-2-3, Wordstar, and DOS, together in
a 256K machine. MULTIPLE CHOICE also includes a data transfer
facility which takes a "snapshot" of the display screen, and
writes it into a disk file. This file can be edited and/or used
as input to another program.

MULTIPLE CHOICE is easy to use. There are only 3 basic commands
which are invoked by holding down the key, and then press-
ing a key on the numeric key pad.

= Switch to channel number specified
<0 or Ins> = Take a Snapshot of the current screen
= Display Status line (channel #, memory)

MULTIPLE CHOICE will run with "background" programs like ProKey
and SideKick. Run them before MC, and all channels will share
their functions.

MULTIPLE CHOICE adds new and useful functions to your existing
applications. For example, it adds print spooling to applications
that do not have it. If you are running 1-2-3 and want to print
your spreadsheet without waiting, print to a disk file, then
switch to another channel and print the file using the DOS
"Print" command. You can then switch channels back to your
spreadsheet while the printing continues.

MULTIPLE CHOICE works with graphics. Invoke MC with the graphics
option, and you can switch in and out of most applications that
use graphics just as easily as switching non-graphic programs.

MULTIPLE CHOICE is configurable. You can let MC use its preset
channel sizes, change the pre-sets to suit your applications, or
set channel sizes from the command line.

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