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CDNTIMER.EXE is an all-purpose countdown timer. It is suitable for such
diverse uses as a "turn timer" in board games, a cooking timer, a
photographic timer*, a telephone use timer, and a general purpose task timer.
Originally it was conceived as a "turn timer" for Scrabble (tm) games, as a
replacement for the ill-suited 3-minute "egg timers" otherwise used.

This program requires VGA graphics and a 80286 or better machine. It was
tested on a generic 80386SX-33 machine with a color VGA monitor. I believe
it will work on a laptop's monochrome VGA display, but had none available to

To execute the program, type CDNTIMER at the DOS prompt. Press a key at the
opening screen to proceed to the setup prompts. When asked for "minutes",
enter number of minutes desired. Note that if more than 1 hour as the
countdown period is desired, it must be entered as the equivalent in minutes
[example: 2 and 1/2 hours must be entered as 150 minutes at the "MINUTE: "
prompt]. The next prompt is "Enable flashing clock ticks?". This allows a
once per second visually interesting flashing display, if desired. "Enable
time warning?" permits a warning buzz at a time of choice before the timer
runs down to zero. A one or two minute warning may be appropriate for some
uses. Finally, pressing a key begins the timer.

Any time after the timer has begun counting down, pressing the ESCAPE key
exits the program. Pressing a key on the "main" portion of the keyboard
freezes the timer. Pressing a key again resets it to the chosen countdown
interval. Note that pressing a Function Key, a cursor movement key, or a key
on the numerical keypad counts as two keystrokes, so that doing so while the
timer is running resets it and starts it running again. The space bar is
probably the most convenient key to use for starting and stopping the timer.

The number at the screen bottom keeps track of how many times the timer has
been "triggered". This may be useful in applications where event counting is

Note: For use as a timer in a photographic darkroom, you will need a custom
version using colors that will be visible under a safelight. Write for


Cheapware is a variation of Shareware. While the Shareware concept itself is
great, some shareware authors simply ask too much to register their programs.
A given game or utility may be worth, say $5 to the user. If the author asks
$20 then the user will almost certainly not register it. Cheapware, on the
other hand, asks only for a "token" contribution to register it. Surely
anyone can afford a dollar or two, or even less in some cases, asked for
Cheapware. There will be no Cheapware millionaires anytime soon. If the
idea catches on, many more shareware authors will at least receive
recognition for their work, and many more users will be able to enjoy their
programs GUILTFREE.

This program is Cheapware. If you find this program useful, I am asking you
to send a voluntary 75-cent contribution to register it. The program itself
is fairly straight forward, but is more than adequate for most any intended
use. Likely you will get more than 75 cents worth of value out of it the
first several times you use it. Not to mention at least $10 saved on a cheap
digital timer that is difficult to see or hear from more than a couple of
feet away (or, horrors, a mechanical wind-up timer). A commercial quality
"Graylab" type countdown timer would set you back much more.

This program was developed using the kernel of the C++ code for my CHESSCLK
(Chess Clock) program. The CountdownTimer class proved very useful for this
purpose. The C++ and C source code is enclosed for those programmers among
you to play around with. Please do not distribute any modified versions of
the program without my permission. Improvements will be gratefully
acknowledged, though.

There is no danger that I will become wealthy from $.75 contributions. I
would enjoy getting the letters from you that will hopefully accompany the
contributions and will buy two blank floppies with each registration
received. All suggestions and criticism will be carefully considered, and I
will do my best to answer questions.

Thank you for trying CDNTIMER, and please register it with me if it is of
some value to you.


3138 Foster Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224

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