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VALIDATE Version 0.4
From McAfee Associates
(408) 988-3832

*** NOTE:
VALIDATE version 0.4 is being released so that VALIDATE
will remain compatible with the /SAVE option of SCAN.
The new /SAVE option changes the SCAN.EXE file, and
the new VALIDATE will be able to compensate for the
changes, so that the validation results before and after the
/SAVE switch will be identical. This in no way impairs
the validating process.

VALIDATE is a file-authentication program that may be used to
check other programs for signs of tampering. VALIDATE uses two
discrete methods to generate Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC's),
which are then displayed for the user to compare against the known
value for the program(s) validated. The known validation data can
be published by the author of the program or be obtained from a
trusted information database. The dual CRC checking provides a
high degree of security.

To confirm that a program is in its original, untampered
state, run the VALIDATE program on it, record the validation data
produced, and compare it against the record in the online database.
If they match, than it is highly improbable that the program has
been modified.

To run VALIDATE, type:

VALIDATE d:\path\filename.ext

The VALIDATE program will then display the following information:

Size: (#/bytes)
Date: (file creation date)
File Authentication
Check Method 1: (a four digit CRC)
Check Method 2: (a four digit CRC)

The VALIDATE program may be copied and distributed at no charge as
long as it is distributed whole and intact and unmodified in any
way, along with this file. Please report virus infections and
reports of program tampering to:

McAfee Associates
1900 Wyatt Drive, Suite 8
Santa Clara, CA 95054-0253
(408) 727-4559 telephone answering machine

The validation data for VALIDATE.COM, version 0.4 is:

Size: 12,197
Date: 03-24-92
File Authentication
Check Method 1: D5BB
Check Method 2: 166F

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Archive   : CCP10B.ZIP

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