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Config/Autoexec Manager v2.61 Registration Form

Remit To: Miller Programming & Consulting
Attn: Scott Miller
1051 Lee Road #29-D
Orlando, FL 32810

Please send:

_____ Config/Autoexec Manager v2.61 [email protected] $5.00 ea $_______
(includes program and manual on disk, no registration)

_____ Config/Autoexec Manager v2.61 [email protected] $20.00 ea $_______
(does not include disk)

_____ Config/Autoexec Manager v2.61
Registration/Disk [email protected] $25.00 ea $_______
(includes registration plus program and manual on disk)

_____ Config/Autoexec Manager v2.61
Complete Registration [email protected] $55.00 ea $_______
(includes registration, program and manual on disk,
plus printed, bound manual)

SubTotal _______

Less Discount <_______>

(Florida residents please add 6.00% sales tax) Tax _______

Total _______

ATTENTION: Make all checks payable to : Scott Miller

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Company: ___________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

: ___________________________________________________________

: ___________________________________________________________

Phone: (___)___-____ Business:(___)___-____

Where did you obtain your version of Config/Autoexec Manager v2.61?

BBS:______________________________ Phone Number:(___)___-____


ORDERS OUTSIDE THE US: Use check drawn on US bank in US dollars, otherwise
add $5.00 for collection. Please add $5.00 for shipping of Config/
Autoexec Manager Professional Complete Package.

Sorry, No C.O.D. orders will be accepted.

Copyright (c)1990,1992 - Miller Programming & Consulting Appendix D