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Output of file : BOOT.ASM contained in archive : BTEASY12.ZIP
; BOOTEASY, version 1.2.
; Developed from BOOTANY, with many imrovements.
; The main idea was to simplify the installation
; procedure and to remove unnecessary partition type
; switching.
; Second hard disk switching added.
; Author: Serge Vakulenko,

F1_scancode equ 59 ; scancode of 'F1' key
Enter_scancode equ 28 ; scancode of 'Enter' key
Timeout equ 5 ; wait up to 5 seconds for reply

StdBase equ 7c00h ; address where DOS loads us
Base equ 600h ; address where we rewrite itself
Partab equ 1beh ; partition table offset
NumDisks equ 475h ; number of disk drives (BIOS data area)

BootIndicator equ 0 ; partition record: boot indicator
BeginHead equ 1 ; first partition sector: head number
BeginSector equ 2 ; sector and cylinder
SystemId equ 4 ; system type

; -------------------------------

dummy segment at 0
assume cs:dummy
org Base ; address where we rewrite itself
org StdBase ; address where DOS loads us
dummy ends

; -------------------------------

code segment
assume cs:code, ds:code, es:code, ss:code
org 0
; Setup the stack and segment registers
xor AX,AX ; Zero register
mov ES,AX ; ES := 0
mov DS,AX ; DS := 0
cli ; Disable interrupts
mov SS,AX ; SS := 0
mov SP,StdBase ; SP at 7c00
sti ; Enable interrupts
; DOS loads this pgm at 0000:7C00. Any boot routine
; we call also expects to execute there so the first
; exercise is to move this code somewhere else.
cld ; Clear direction
mov SI,SP ; Copy from 7c00h...
mov DI,Base ; 600h...
mov CX,256 ; ...512 bytes, or 256 words
repne movsw ; Move itself to new location

jmp FAR PTR BaseEntry+(Entry-Boot)

; -------------------------------
; A valid function key was depressed (or defaulted)
; Attempt to boot the corresponding partition.
mov DX,BP ; restore drive number
; Save boot block default partition settings
mov AX,0301h ; write sector
mov BX,Base ; ES already == 0
mov CX,0001h ; cylinder 0, sector 1
xor DH,DH ; drive #, head 0
int 13h ; replace boot record

mov Base+default,'?' ; reset default
mov AL,16
mul Base+Key ; AX = key * 16
cmp AX,'5'*16
je SwitchDrive
add AX,Base+Partab-'1'*16 ; subtract '1'
mov SI,AX
; Only boot bootable partitions.
mov AL,SystemId[SI]
cmp AL,0 ; unused partition?
je Menu ; Yes - display menu again

mov BYTE PTR BootIndicator[SI],80h ; Mark partition as bootable
; Read in and validate the partition's boot sector.
mov DH,BeginHead[SI] ; head from partition table
mov CX,BeginSector[SI]
jmp loadboot
; Read in the boot sector from second disk.
xor DL,1 ; switch drive
mov CX,0001h ; cylinder 0, sector 1
mov BX,StdBase ; ES already == 0
mov AX,0201h ; function, # of sectors
int 13h ; read system boot record
jc Menu ; exit if error
cmp WORD PTR 510[BX],0aa55h ; test signature
jne Menu ; reprompt if invalid
; Jump to secondary boot.
; DL now contains boot disk number (80h or 81h);
; ES:SI contains the address of partition table
; entry to boot.
jmp FAR PTR StdBaseEntry

; -------------------------------
; The main entry to the boot
mov BP,DX ; DL contains current drive number
inc DX ; 80h -> 81h, 81h -> 82h
xor DL,80h+'3' ; 80h -> '2', 81h -> '1'
mov Base+diskNum,DL
; Display the menu
mov DI,Base+Partab ; set index
mov CX,4 ; set loop count
mov Base+key,'1' ; set key number in message
xor DH,DH ; count of partitions
mov BYTE PTR BootIndicator[DI],CH ; Clear active flag
mov AL,SystemId[DI]
cmp AL,0 ; unused partition?
je next
cmp AL,5 ; extended DOS partition?
je next
inc DH ; increment partition count

lea SI,Base+FkeyMsg ; get msg addr
call Output

lea SI,Base+nameTable-2
inc SI
inc SI
mov BX,[SI]
or BH,BH
je endnameloop
cmp BH,SystemId[DI]
jne nameloop
xor BH,BH
lea SI,Base+namtab[BX]
call Output
add DI,16 ; next entry address
inc Base+key
loop menuloop

cmp BYTE PTR DS:NumDisks,2 ; is the second disk present?
je have2disks ; have disk 2

lea SI,Base+defaultMsg ; prepare 'Default' message
or DH,DH ; no disk 2; do we have valid partitions?
jne prompt ; several partitions, wait for reply

int 18h ; no partitions, load ROM basic
jmp Menu ; repeat, if no ROM basic
lea SI,Base+FkeyMsg ; print 'F5'
call Output ; now SI points to "disk 2\nDefault..."
call Output ; print 'Default' message
mov AH,1 ; SetTickCount
xor CX,CX ; hi-order tick count
xor DX,DX ; lo-order tick count
int 1ah ; BiosTimerService
; Get the reply
mov AH,1 ; keyboard status
int 16h ; keybd bios service
jnz reply ; jump if reply
xor AH,AH ; GetTickCount
int 1ah ; BiosTimerService
cmp DX,192*Timeout/10 ; check for timeout
jb waitkey ; wait for scancode
mov AL,Base+default ; prior system id
jmp testkey ; boot default system
xor AH,AH ; read keyboard
int 16h ; keybd bios service
mov AL,AH ; Copy to AL
cmp AL,Enter_scancode
je loaddefault
add AL,'1'-F1_scancode ; Turn into index
mov Base+key,AL ; save function key number
cmp AL,'1' ; max Function key
jb reprompt ; Invalid code check
cmp AL,'5' ; max Function key
jnbe reprompt ; if not F1..F5, branch
mov Base+default,AL ; save function key number

lea SI,Base+newLine ; new line
lea BX,Base+Load
push BX ; call Output; jmp Load

; -------------------------------

cld ; reset direction flag
lodsb ; load argument from string
push AX ; save byte
and AL,7fh ; insure valid character
mov AH,14 ; write tty
int 10h ; bios video service
pop AX ; restore byte
test AL,80h ; test for end of string
jz Output ; do until end of string
ret ; return to caller

; -------------------------------

newLine db 13,10+80h
FkeyMsg db 13,10,'F'
key db '0 . . .',' '+80h,'disk '
diskNum db '1'
defaultMsg db 13,10,10,'Default: F'
default db '?',' '+80h

nameTable db type01-namtab, 1
db type01-namtab, 4
db type01-namtab, 6
db type07-namtab, 7
db type08-namtab, 8
db type09-namtab, 9
db type0A-namtab, 0Ah
db type63-namtab, 63h
db type64-namtab, 64h
db type64-namtab, 65h
db type81-namtab, 80h
db type81-namtab, 81h
db type82-namtab, 82h
db type93-namtab, 93h
db typeA5-namtab, 0A5h
db typeB7-namtab, 0B7h
db type75-namtab, 75h
db typedb-namtab, 52h
db typedb-namtab, 0dbh
db type40-namtab, 40h
db typeF2-namtab, 0F2h
db unknownPart-namtab, 0

type01 db 'do','s'+80h
type07 db 'hpf','s'+80h
type08 db 'fs '
type09 db 'ai','x'+80h
type0A db 'os','2'+80h
type63 db 'uni','x'+80h
type64 db 'novel','l'+80h
type81 db 'mini','x'+80h
type82 db 'linu','x'+80h
type93 db 'amoeb','a'+80h
typeA5 db '386bs','d'+80h
typeB7 db 'bsd','i'+80h
type75 db 'pci','x'+80h
typedb db 'cp','m'+80h
type40 db 'veni','x'+80h
typeF2 db 'dosse','c'+80h
unknownPart db '?','?'+80h

used equ $ - Boot
db (1beh - used + 1) dup (0) ; error if code too big
db 63 dup (0) ; clear rest of record
dw 0aa55h ; magic

code ends

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Archive   : BTEASY12.ZIP
Filename : BOOT.ASM

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