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BOOT.SYS(tm) and the accompanying programs and documentation are

Copyright (c) 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994 Hans Salvisberg
All rights reserved

This file lists several descriptions of BOOT.SYS which you may
use as you like.

BOOT.SYS v2.02 - The Heavy-Duty Config Manager.


BOOT.SYS v2.02 - The heavy-duty config manager. Everything
in DOS6 multi-config and much more, under all versions of DOS.


BOOT.SYS v2.02 - The heavy-duty config manager. Gives you
one or more menus out of CONFIG.SYS, similar to DOS6. Adds pretty
menu, if/then/else, use of variables, and on-the-fly editing in
CONFIG.SYS; reboot from cmd line; installation program upgrades
DOS6 multi-config; more! Does NOT write to your disk! NO resident
driver under DOS6! Up to 20 items per menu, 25 menus. MS-DOS 2.11
to 6.2, DR DOS 5.0/6.0, supports DOS= command, QEMM7.


BOOT.SYS lets you display one or more menus at boot-up time and
have different parts of CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT executed
depending on which menu options you select. Its basic functional-
ity is similar to the multi-config feature in MS/PC-DOS 6.x, but
BOOT.SYS goes much further with a nice menu, if/then/else and use
of variables in CONFIG.SYS, and editing of designated CONFIG.SYS
lines on-the-fly, just to name a few.


Here's a list of BOOT.SYS 2.0 features and benefits. Some are
common to many configuration managers, many are unique to
BOOT.SYS (* = not in DOS6 multi-config, N = new in 2.0):

Features Benefits

Multiple configu- BOOT.SYS lets you make full use of your system
rations by optimizing different configurations for
each application/task.

Runs in BOOT.SYS removes the need to boot up, copy/re-
CONFIG.SYS name config files, and reboot.

Only one BOOT.SYS keeps multiple configurations manage-
CONFIG.SYS and able by sharing common commands and avoiding
AUTOEXEC.BAT redundancy.

Does all its No risk of making potentially disasterous
magic in RAM only changes to your disk. Works on diskless work-
stations, too.

* State-of-the-art Unlike MS/PC-DOS 6.x multi-config, BOOT.SYS
N menu screen provides a nice user-configurable menu with
colors, borders, shadows, and accelerator keys
- no need to make excuses for that ugly

Default choice BOOT.SYS works unobtrusively.
and timeout

* Reboot from cmd BOOT.SYS goes out of your way if you don't
N line into need it; if you need to reboot frequently for
specific configu- a certain task, you can make a certain selec-
ration tion stick until you change your mind.

* Edit designated This is a great help for "tweaking" a configu-
CONFIG.SYS lines ration, for example the QEMM settings.

* Sophisticated The BOOT.SYS installation program gets you up
N installation pro- and running very quickly. It creates sample
gram configuration files and detailed explanations
customized for your system. You're up and
running BOOT.SYS even before you look at the

* Automatically If you're using MS/PC-DOS 6.x multi-config,
N upgrades DOS6 you get a head start: within ten minutes you
multi-config have all your configurations up and running
and you can start exploiting the advanced
features in BOOT.SYS.

* Nested and Organize your configuration procedure system-
sequential menus atically. Use submenus for related configura-
tions and menu sequences for unrelated aspects
of your system.

* Use variables in Eliminate redundancy in CONFIG.SYS to make it
N CONFIG.SYS easier to maintain.

Pass variables on Keep the interface between CONFIG.SYS and
to AUTOEXEC.BAT AUTOEXEC.BAT simple and intuitive.

* If/then/else in Create a single CONFIG.SYS file that can adapt
N CONFIG.SYS to different DOS versions, hardware and soft-
ware environments. Run it on all PCs in your
organization or just use it to have your
notebook adapt to whether you're at work, on
the road, or at home.

N Up to 20 items You'll never outgrow BOOT.SYS.
per menu, up to
25 menus

* Rename files out An exotic feature, but if your memory manager
N of CONFIG.SYS automatically starts reoptimizing whenever it
detects a change in your configuration, you
*must* have it.

N No resident No more fears of compatibility problems.
driver under
MS/PC-DOS 6.x and

* Date/Time and Schedule periodic activities such as backups
N Oncea... or defrag runs so you'll never forget them.

* Runs under all Get a major benefit of MS/PC-DOS 6.x under
N DOS versions MS/PC-DOS 2.11 to 6.x and DR DOS 5.0/6.0, too.

N Compatible with The new version of the best-selling memory
QEMM 7.x manager has broken all 3rd-party configuration
managers working out of CONFIG.SYS. The
BOOT.SYS 2.02 update now fully supports the
new DOS-Up feature in QEMM.


Product name: BOOT.SYS
Product type: Software
Version nmbr: 2.02
Version date: 01/01/94
Platform: IBM PC, DOS 2.11 or better, 0k RAM
Requires: Runs on single-floppy systems
New version now works with DR DOS, too.
Category #1: Utilities, System Utilities, Configuration utilities
Category #2: Utilities, System Utilities, Operating systems
Category #3: Utilities, Hardware utilities, CPU & memory utilities
Category #4: Utilities, Menu systems & file managers, Work environment managers
Category #5: Programming, Programming utilities, Desktop tools for programmers
Registration: $39.00
Ship to USA: $5.00
Ship Canada: $5.00
Ship global: $11.00
Registration: SFR 70.00 (Swiss Francs)
Ship to CH: SFR 5.00
Ship global: SFR 10.00
User benefits: Printed and bound manual
Current disk, choice of 3«" or 5¬" format
3 month(s) of support
Phone support
900# phone support
CIS support
Mail support
3 month(s) for return
Limited return policy
lifetime free upgrading allowed
Free CompuServe IntroPak
Vers. reason: Major upgrade: state-of-the-art menu (unlike DOS6), installation
program, if/then/else and variables in CONFIG.SYS, reboot from cmd line into
specific config, up to 20 items per menu, rename files out of CONFIG.SYS,
support for MS/PC-DOS 6.x and DR DOS. 2.02 fixes some bugs.
Approx. download size: 210K
BBS filename: BOOT202.ZIP
FREE download ph#: 909-681-6221
CIS filename: BOOTSY.ZIP
Located in: CIS:IBMSYS forum LIB 1
UserID contact: 73237,3556
GEnie filename: BOOT202.ZIP
Located in: IBMPC RTC Library 15
Short Desc:
The Heavy-Duty Configuration Manager
Long Desc:
BOOT.SYS gives you one or more menus out of CONFIG.SYS to
select your configuration *while* you're booting up.
It has all the features of DOS6 multi-config, plus a pretty
menu; if/then/else, use of variables, and on-the-fly editing
in CONFIG.SYS; reboot from the cmd line; installation program,
automatically upgrades DOS6 multi-config; more!
Does NOT write to your disk! NO resident driver under DOS6!
Up to 20 items per menu, 25 menus.
MS/PC-DOS 2.11 to 6.2, DR DOS 5.0/6.0, supports DOS= command.
Hans Salvisberg, Bellevuestr. 18, CH-3095 Berne, SWITZERLAND
Member of the Association of Shareware Professionals(R) (ASP)
CompuServe: 73237,3556 Internet: [email protected]
VISA/MC/AmEx accepted; all prices in Swiss Francs - or
contact PsL in the U.S. at 713-524-6394, FAX 713-524-6398
800-2424-PSL (orders only please)

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