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bldzip [ ]

this program takes the file(s) specified in the filespec list and
builds one or more zip files named .zip, such that
each resulting zip file will fit on a floppy disk.

BLDZIP is not meant to be the answer to all your problems; it was written
to be the answer to mine. However, feel free to reap whatever benefits
you can! My problem was this: We distribute software for internal
consumption. One system, consisting of over 120 .EXE files, has to be
distributed to 150 sites. I needed to pack those files onto the minimum
number of floppies for shipment.

BLDZIP parameters:

= this is maximum size of any single resulting .ZIP file

= this is the base name for all zip files produced. It
may be no longer than 7 characters. The resulting files
will be A, B, etc. If there are more
than 26 resulting .ZIP files, you're SOL.

= these are the files you want to include in the resulting

For example:

BLDZIP 1200 GL *.exe *.hlp *.frm

BLDZIP is NOT placed in the public domain. Copyright (c) 1989, Steven D.

Steven Stern
JMB Realty Corporation
900 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

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