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Cleaner, Comment and Dircheck
by J.L. Pearson and the Bytebrothers
-- power tools for those who zip --



CLEANER is a utility for those who have zipped files with
embedded arcs and paks.. CLEANER works hand in hand with
ZIPPER and uses the same config files and logs.. the syntax
is simple..

cleaner d:\arcs

will unarc the zips in directory d:\arcs and check for
embedded PAK or ARC files.. It will convert them to ZIP's,
add a comment to the ARC that you place at the end of your
ZIPPER.CFG config file and move to the next file.. Cleaner
looks for and works only on ZIP files to remove internal
PAK's and ARC's.. Believe me.. there are plenty of zipped
files out there with embedded paks and arcs. its a mess!

simply entering..


will check, unzip and rezip the internal arcs and paks in all
zips in the current directory..

CLEANER will use the ZIPPER log file and put it's own
CLEANER log into the file showing the files processed.
Run a zip viewer to find the dirty files and move them
to a seperate subdir. Or for only a couple of files just



COMMENT is a utlity for those who have zipped files and
want to quickly add their own comments to the files in
batch. Comment runs with ZIPPER and CLEANER and uses the
same config file. Revision E of comment includes a four
line comment editor for entering extended 4 line file
comments. The syntax is...

comment d:\arcs

You will first be prompted to find if you want to use
the default comment or enter a new one. The comment can

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be over 200 characters in length. Pressing CR will use
the default comment stored in the zipper.cfg file. The
same comment always used by ZIPPER and CLEANER. The
other option ( typing y) will bring up a comment editor.
A four line window for you to enter your comment in. The
comment will be displayed whenever the file is unzipped.
After entering the four line comment ( which can be an
ad for your bbs, or even a detailed description of what
is in the zip file) you are asked if you want this
comment to become the default. This will replace the
current default comment used by ZIPPER and CLEANER and
COMMENT itself. Then all the files in the path you
specified will be fast tagged with the comment and the
time and datestamp redated to the original zip. You can
even get artistic and use TheDraw [tm] to create
comments with graphic characters in them. You can edit
your ZIPPER.CFG file and the last four lines are wide
open to vent your artistic juices on. Sysop's like to
use this feature to put advertisements into the zip
files. A more serious use would be to correctly catalog
the contents of an important archive, or to even add
installation instructions for the software in the
archive. A batch switch is also available so if sysop's
want to run it as an event the syntax is..

comment d:\arcs /b
comment d:\arcs b

This will cause COMMENT to run without prompts or
intervention and comment the files with the default comment
in ZIPPER's cfg file. Comment has been modified to correctly
reset the file date/time stamp. So you can post comment files
without changing the filedate or timestamp.



For bbs sysops another problem with conversion is the
filelist. The list of files in directories that need to
have their extensions changed from .PAK or .ARC to .ZIP.
Dircheck will do this automatically. Just point him to
the filelist file and let him go. It uses the ZIPPER
config file and logs..


dircheck c:\dl1\files.bbs

Will go the the filelist files.bbs in the above dir and will
change all the .ARC and .PAK file extensions to .ZIP for you.
The utility runs in batch mode by default so it can be used
in events and called from your own batch files.. DIRCHECK will

OTHER.DOC Tuesday, February 28, 1989 10:55 pm Page 3

leave its own entry in your ZIPPER.LOG file. Telling the time
of the run and the number of .ARC and .PAK filenames found and