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Output of file : KEYCODE.ASM contained in archive : AUTOKEY.ZIP
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This short program displays the full scan code for each key pressed
in ASCII/Hex notation. Press ESC to end the program.

Written for MASM 5.1 (should compile with earlier versions).
stack segment stack
db 100h dup (?)
stack ends

data segment
hextable db "0123456789ABCDEF"
data ends

code segment
assume cs:code, ds:data, es:nothing, ss:stack

; Pick the definition
; that applies to your
; computer

;KEY_IN equ 00h ;For older keyboards
KEY_IN equ 10h ;For "enhanced" keyboards (101/102 keys)

; Program starts here

begin: mov ax,seg data ;Initialize DS
mov ds,ax
call cls ;Clear the screen

lp: mov ah,KEY_IN ;Wait for keystroke
int 16h ; returned by BIOS
push ax ;Save the key
call display ;Display the scan code
pop ax ;Recover original key
cmp al,01bh ;Was it ESC?
jnz lp ;No -- loop back
mov ax,4c00h ;Else exit to DOS
int 21h

; Simple and sloppy
; screen-clear routine

cls proc near
mov ax,3 ;Set mode 3 (use 7 for monochrome)
int 10h ;Call Video BIOS
cls endp

; Display the value
; in AX in hex notation
; by moving each byte into AL
; and calling print_al twice

display proc near ;Display AX value in hex
push ax ;Save keycode
mov ah,02 ;Set cursor position
mov dx,0 ;Top-left corner
mov bh,0 ;Use page 0
int 10h ;Call the video BIOS
pop ax ;Recover original keycode

disp_2: push ax ;Save keycode again
mov al,ah ;Move high byte into AL
call print_al ;Print value in AL
pop ax ;Recover keycode
call print_al ;Print low byte
display endp

; Display the value in AL
; in hex format

print_al proc near
mov bx,offset hextable ;DS:BX ==> translation table
cbw ;AH = 0
push ax ;Save the byte
mov cl,4 ;Shift top nibble in AL
shr al,cl ; to the bottom
xlat ;Get hex character
mov ah,0eh ;Video service: print TTY mode
int 10h ;Print the character
pop ax ;Recover the byte
and al,0fh ;Mask out high nibble
xlat ;Translate low nibble to hex
mov ah,0eh ;And print it
int 10h ; with a BIOS call
mov al,' ' ;Now print a space
int 10h ; with a BIOS call
print_al endp

code ends
end begin

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Archive   : AUTOKEY.ZIP
Filename : KEYCODE.ASM

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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