Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Archive   : ARK25Z.ZIP
Filename : DSCR.HLP

Output of file : DSCR.HLP contained in archive : ARK25Z.ZIP

Within the MAIN directory screen, you may peruse the file list of the
directory indicated at the bottom with the [UP] [DN] [PGUP] [PGDN]
[HOME] and [END] keys. They function just as you would expect. The
[LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrows will search for the next file matching the
highlight extension (defined in ARKSETUP or the MAIN MENU) within the
directory, stopping when you press a key or it finds a file. Marking
files for later action (e.g. zipping, copying etc.) is done with the
[+] [ENTER] [SPACE] and [-] keys. All but the [-] key will mark the
file at the highlight bar and roll down to the next filename. The [-]
key is special because it causes the highlight bar to roll upward after
marking the file at the highlight bar. The marks will toggle OFF if
marking is attempted twice. The F3-F5 keys handle marking all, clearing
all marks, and toggling marks. Toggling marks (3 levels below active)
helps you keep track of what files you have already worked with. See the
help screen on MARKING or the documentation for details. The STATUS
box on the lower right provides information concerning the files you have
marked, including bytes marked, number of files, etc. It is a very
good habit to watch that box, as NOAH attempts to retain marks when you
change the default directory or drive. When in doubt, toggle and check
using F5. Pressing F2 accesses all other handling functions in NOAH 2.5Z,
and the MAIN menu has a help box at the bottom right clearly identifying
the function of each menu selection. Pressing F2 with no files marked
will mark the file the scroll bar is on and proceed into the MAIN menu.