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Pressing F10 allows you to change the default drive/dir while using NOAH.
NOAH reads the default information, and then displays a point & pick menu
of the current directories subordinate to the one you are presently in.
For example, if you were in the ROOT of the following TREE:

\ROOT NOAH would display this as the menu pick:
| ..
| If you selected LOTUS, NOAH would display:
| ..

Selecting .. always backs up one step in the tree, and \ selects the ROOT
directory automatically. exits back to NOAH's directory display.
A set of logical drive letters is also laid out on the right side, and
selection of one will change the default drive for you. Remember, MARKS
on files will follow if the marked files exist in the new path. There is
also a DOS shell option [F1] available so that you may change manually if
you wish. See the custom file example for a sample of using the .ACF files
to handle changing drives/directories.