Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Archive   : ARK25Z.ZIP

Output of file : ARKSETUP.HLP contained in archive : ARK25Z.ZIP


COLOR DEFAULTS: The first 5 selections deal with the colors that NOAH will
use in displaying a scrolling directory. The file descriptions pertain to
the type of file involved. See ARK2Z.DOC for complete documentation.
NORMAL ................... Those files not highlighted at all.
SCROLL BAR ............... The pointer bar you move with the  Keys.
MARKED FILE .............. The files you tag for later actions using Ù
or +/- They are marked with a  character.
ERROR FILE ............... Files across which an error was reported.
NOAH marks files that PKZIP was unsuccessful
operating upon with a sigma (ä) for later action.
.EXT FILE COLOR .......... This is the color of the files NOAH finds with
the default highlight extension (below).
SORT OPTIONS: This is simply the KEY that NOAH will use to sort your files
displayed with. Available are: Filename, Extension, Size, or Date. They
will be sorted in either ASCENDING or DESCENDING ORDER according to the
DEFAULT SORT ORDER. As a rule of thumb, think Ascending=Alpha A-Z and
Decsending=Digits 1-10 as this is the intuitive way you might want a sort to
appear. e.g. sort by filesize goes from 1-xxx if sorted in descending order.

DEFAULT CUSTOM FILESPEC: This is the filename NOAH will use first when
defining user customized commands. It should have the extension .ACF