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ZIP File ANSI Sequence Killer
Version 1.0

(c) 1989 Metro Consulting Group, Inc.

Authored By: Todd A. Scalzott

Metro Consulting Group, Inc.
10605 Lakeside Oak Court
Burke, VA 22015
(703) 250-9271

What is it?

ANSIKILL is designed to remove all embedded ANSI code sequences from the
comment fields of ZIP files -- both the individual file comments and the
ZIP file comment itself.

Why remove the ANSI sequences? Phil Katz's PKZIP and PKUNZIP programs
display the contents of all ZIP file comments whenever they are executed.
That is, one does not have to perform a specific function to display the
comments. All PKZIP and PKUNZIP functions result in display of the comment

As a very simple (and not TRULY validated--there would be more involved in

reality) case, let's assume that ANSI.SYS is installed on a machine and the
contents of a recently obtained ZIP file is to be viewed. PKZIP is
executed on the ZIP file and a nice and informative comment is displayed.
So far, so good.

Until the next command is typed in. DIR, for example. Surprisingly, the
DIR command was executed when ENTER was pressed, but after the directory
list is presented, a command of DEL *.* seems to have been typed in and
even ENTER appears to have been pressed! Knowing that this is NOT what
you want to do, you answer with a "N" at the "are you sure (y/n)?" prompt.
Surpise again! When the letter "N" was pressed, a "Y" appeared and was
ENTERed. NOW what? What happened?

What happened was that a devious (and perhaps cruel) individual embedded a
set of ANSI sequences within the ZIP file's comment. The ANSI sequence
re-mapped the keyboard. Although this was a very simple (and not fool-
proof) example, there are MANY other possibilities, such as automatically
reformatting a hard disk.

If a bulletin board was used to download the ZIP file, even the SysOp's
machine could be at risk. Many bulletin board systems perform a test of
all uploaded ZIP files, thus "infecting" their own machines.

What does it do?

ANSIKILL is, to be quite honest, a competitor to the STRIPZIP program
placed in the public domain. STRIPZIP is truly a wonderful program.
ANSIKILL is not intended to take anything away from STRIPZIP's credibility
or usefullness. It only tries to make a few improvements.

ANSIKILL removes ONLY embedded ANSI code sequences (not just keyboard
remapping) from within the comments -- NOT the entire comment. The textual
portion of the comment is left intact. ANSIKILL's intent is to leave
harmless comments untouched in the hope that they are informative.
Hopefully those comments which do contain harmful sequences will also
contain useful information. Therefore, sequences are replaced with blanks.

The main thrust of ANSIKILL is two-part: 1) as stated above, comments are
left intact if at all possible; 2) since the sequences are replaced with
blanks (when and if encountered), there is no need to create a new ZIP
file from the original. Extra available disk space is not needed while
processing and the processing time itself is greatly reduced.


ANSIKILL is SHAREWARE. Please support it. The shareware policy employed
for this product is very simple. If you use this product, please
register it. If you use this product in a commercial environment, you
MUST register it.

To register:
Send a $5 donation with your name, address, phone number, and
ANSIKILL version number to:

Metro Consulting Group, Inc.
10605 Lakeside Oak Court
Burke, VA 22015

Our phone number is (703) 250-9271. We welcome all comments, suggestions,
and offer technical support on all of our products.

Please make checks payable to Metro Consulting Group, Inc. All donations
of $12 or more entitle you to the next released version of ANSIKILL -- it
will arrive in your mail shortly after it is released.


It seems that these are necessary.

Metro Consulting Group disclaims all warranties of any kind, implied or
otherwise, pertaining to this software. MCG will not be liable for damages
of any kind incurred during the use of ANSIKILL. This includes instances
in which MCG is aware of possible damages occuring.

There are no warranties, neither expressed nor implied.

Technical Support

If you have a problem or question, please call us. If you find a bug or
have a suggestion that you think would lead to a better product, please
call us.

Metro Consulting Group, Inc.
(703) 250-9271

Who Are We?

Metro Consulting Group, Inc. is a professional and technical services
firm located in the Washington D.C. area, specializing in areas such as
office automation, Local Area Networks, mainframe and minicomputer software
development, and much more. If you are in need of computer consulting
services, at LOW RATES please call or write for more information.

Metro Consulting Group, Inc.
10605 Lakeside Oak Court
Burke, VA 22015
Phone: (703) 250-9271


To use ANSIKILL is simple. The program takes one optional parameter which
is a file specification for the ZIP file(s) to be processed. If no
parameter is supplied, ANSIKILL will prompt for it.

The syntax is as follows:

ANSIKILL [filespec]

filespec - This is the name of the file the ZIP file(s) to be processed.
It may include a drive and directory specification as well as
DOS standard wildcards ("?" and "*"). If no file extension
is specified, .ZIP is assumed.




Additional Notes

I think that ANSIKILL covers almost any case that you can think of. If you
disagree or find a problem, PLEASE call.

ANSIKILL starts by searching for the each ZIP file as it is specified on
he ANSIKILL command line, expanding all wildcards. If no matching files
can be found, a message will appear and program execution will halt. Next,
ANSIKILL will attempt to read the ZIP file. If the file cannot be opened
or is not a valid ZIP file, a message will appear and the next matching
file (if any) will be processed. During processing, ANSIKILL will respond
with a "Done" after it is completed and a message stating that ANSI code
sequences were removed if that is the case.

If a fatal error occurs while processing a ZIP file, ANSIKILL will prompt
with the ever-familiar "(A)bort or (R)etry". This includes disk read or
write errors, write protect errors, and hardware errors.

ANSIKILL will restore the original ZIP file date AND time upon completion
of file processing. A DOS file's date and time are updated each time that
it is modified. ANSIKILL prevents having a ZIP file dated 12/25/87
changed to 05/25/89 simply because its comments were updated.

If ANSIKILL completes unsuccessfully, an ERRORLEVEL of 1 will be returned
to DOS.

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