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Copyright (c) 1992-1993 by CZAR Software. All Rights Reserved.

10-23-1993 Version 2.10
þ Added better problem support in ACZAR.DOC in section TROUBLESHOOTING.
If you have experienced lockups, strange error messages that caused
to exit ACZAR right away, etc., PLEASE read the section TROUBLESHOOTING
in ACZAR.DOC. It will explain what causes these strange errors and what
to do about them. So far, this seems to be happening only with computers
that have STACKER installed und run it under certain conditions.
þ Added several environment variables. These environment variables could
help troubleshooting on certain systems - more in ACZAR.DOC.
þ Added 80286 specific instruction code. ACZAR now runs on 80286 and higher
machines only. ACZAR does no longer run on XT computers.
þ Added "Include Subdirectory" Switch when backing up using ARJ or PKZIP
þ Several ARJ Switches Part 1 would not work right. Fixed.
þ Setting ARJ Switch "Check integrity of ARJ.EXE" in ARJ Switches Part 1
caused an Error 52. Fixed.
þ When decompressing a file within a compressed file that already existed
in the target path, it would show a black screen and appeared to be locked
up. Instead, the compression program such as PKZIP, ARJ, was just
prompting for user input. Fixed.

10-08-1993 Version 2.01
þ When automatically looking for compression utilities such as PKZIP, ARJ,
ARC, etc. in main menu OPTIONS "Search Compression Files", ACZAR would
continue beyond the actual drives present. Fixed.
þ When looking at a text file inside a HYP file, ACZAR would not view a
text file. Fixed.
þ When pressing the DEFAULT button in the COLORS window, it would not set
the true default colors. Fixed.
þ When attempting to change colors for "Desktop", only the background could
be changed. The foreground colors remained white/gray. Fixed.
þ A few cosmetic changes
þ For more help, look at TROUBLESHOOTING in ACZAR.DOC

10-01-1993 Version 2.00
þ Complete rewrite of entire ACZAR package
þ Extensive support for PKZIP v2.04g and ARJ v2.41
þ Sensational Drag & Drop Support (for mouse users)
þ Now supports SQZ files
þ Now supports HYP files
þ Now uses internal file ID's to detect ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC, PAK, ZOO, SQZ,
and HYP files
þ Supports all selfextracting files (SFX) for ZIP, ARJ, PAK, HYP, SQZ, LZH
þ Backup or Restore entire drives/directories using ZIP/ARJ
þ Multi-Select Compression (tag many files and compress to individual files)
þ Ability to set colors/background wallpapers
þ Use any external editor or use built-in MDI Notepad editor
þ Use any external viewer or use built-in viewer
þ CZAR Software is now ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals) member
þ And much more... (for more details look in ACZAR.DOC)

10-07-1992 Version 1.00 (First Non-beta)
þ Completed entire ACZAR.DOC documentation file
þ Option "Locate Compression Utilities" in main menu OPTIONS to locate
automatically compression utilities has been improved. It is now
6 - 15 times faster.
þ Added /S and /T command line switches to disable reading default
directories and allowing to use current directories or specific
source and target directories including wildcards. More in ACZAR.DOC.
þ Press ALT-C to set-up compression method and ALT-N to set-up conversion
method within File Handling mode.
þ Rewrote internal ACZAR file reading function when in File Handling mode.
This speeds up reading directories with many files up to 3 times faster.
þ Totally rewrote the build-in text viewer CLIST. It will now display files
of ANY size without first reading file information. Initially, this makes
the text viewer much faster. Also, the older version of CLIST hung-up the
computer on certain data files. Fixed.
NOTE: The print feature (ALT-P) and mouse support within CLIST has been
disabled. This makes CLIST very fast. If you MUST have these
features, contact CZAR Software. If enough requests exist, these
features will be put back.
þ When decompressing ARJ files with switch "Extract files with full
pathnames", ACZAR would put the files in the directory where ACZAR is and
not in the target path. Fixed.
NOTE: Unfortunately, ARJ stores full pathnames as a default when
compressing. This results in misleading decompressions. So, if you
do not like pathnames to be included in your ARJ files, you must
use the switch "Exclude paths from names" in the SWITCHES main menu
for ARJ files.
þ Fixed mouse cursor trapping error when opening or closing windows
(mouse cursor would "disappear" sometimes).
þ Fixed several other bugs

09-07-1992 beta 05
þ Completed context-sensitive online help system. Just press F1 from anywhere.
þ Completed help text on screen line 25, 43, 50
þ Completed McAfee's SCAN.EXE v95b switches in SWITCHES main menu
þ Completed ZOO switches in SWITCHES main menu
þ It is now possible to view and set archive switches while being in
File Handling Mode. For example, press F3 to open the UnZIP switches
window, F4 for the ZIP switches window etc. Just like choosing from the
main menu SWITCHES.
þ Added "Network" switch on command line. Syntax:
The Network switch should be used if ACZAR is not able to detect drives
higher than drive C: in default mode.
þ Completed Hot-keys in main menu
þ When in 43/50 line mode, the mouse cursor was reset to only 25 lines. Fixed.
þ When decompressing more than one ARJ file, ACZAR would decompress the
first file only. Fixed.
þ Fixed several bugs

08-09-1992 beta 04
þ Finished ARJ switches. To activate the multi-volume switch, select the
multi volume switch in the SWITCHES menu, ARJ option. In the File-
Handling window, press C for Compress, then press ACCEPT. ACZAR now uses
the multi-volume switch and deactivates all other ARJ settings.
þ Changed internal error routines
þ Finished "Freshen FILENAME" function in "File Handling" window at the
MORE button for ARJ, LZH, PAK, ARC, and ZOO files
þ Finished "Update FILENAME" function in "File Handling" window at the
MORE button for ARJ, LZH, PAK, ARC, and ZOO files
þ Improved speed while viewing, deleting, printing, files within archives
þ Improved speed when decompressing archives
þ Main menu "OPTIONS", "LOCATE COMPRESSION FILES" in manual mode now reads
the path infos from ACZAR.DAT if it exists
þ ACZAR now checks if enough space is available when copying files
þ Fixed error 64 when viewing files larger than 999,999 Bytes
þ Fixed several other bugs

07-07-1992 beta 03
þ Added LZH, PAK, and ARC switches (in the SWITCHES main menu)
(ARJ, ZOO, and SCAN switches are being worked on)
þ Creating self-extracting archives is completed and work for ZIP, ARJ, PAK,
and LZH files
þ ACZAR now reads the environment variable ACZAR=path in the AUTOEXEC.BAT
file (for more info read README.DOC)
þ ALT-P while viewing a file with CLIST prints file
þ Fixed several bugs

06-22-1992 beta 02
þ Compressing, decompressing, and converting archives is now 2 - 4 times
þ Added additional "Run-File" window when starting and running a file
from within ACZAR (Press Ctrl+Enter in the "Handle Files" window or use
the "More" button and select "Run [File]") that allows additional switches
and paramteres to be entered and passed along to the run-file
þ Added option to enter all paths for each compresion/decompression programs
þ Fixed problem with non-fixed disks such as ram drives, virtual drives etc.
þ Fixed color problem with older CGA cards

06-13-1992 beta 01
þ Official public BETA release of ACZAR v1.00 BETA 01

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