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4MICA version 2.50a
Geoff Taylor
1000 N Donahue Apt#12-22

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Simple modifications were made to update 4MICA to work with ARJ v2.30
A few minor bug fixes were made


What's new in 4MICA version 2.50?

o 4MICA now controls its own archive conversion, no longer needing
Mr. Jung's REARJ.EXE. This was more for my sake, I hated not having
4MICA being completely independant.

Bug fixes:

o That grand new feature in version 2.00, Goto File, didn't quite
work all the time; now it does.


What's new in 4MICA version 2.00?

o 4MICA no longer has to be in the directory C:\4MICA, it can be
placed anywhere in the path.

o Mini DOS has a new addition -- Goto File, enter a filename and
4MICA will find it and then go to the directory where that
file is stored.

Bug fixes:

o Trying to Convert Archives in a directory that had no archives
caused an error to occur; fixed.

o Trying to Extract Archives from a directory that had no archives
caused an error to occur; fixed.

o Trying to View Archives in a directory that had no archives
caused an error to occur; fixed.

Unless there are still bugs somewhere in 4MICA, future versions will
have more time between release. I've finally gotten 4MICA to a level
that I feel good about. 4MICA wont be stopping here, there will just
be more noticable changes with future releases. Please, suggestions
are greatly requested; while this program started out a simple program
for my own use I'm now going forward in making 4MICA something that
EVERYBODY can please, comments, suggestions, etc...anything!


What's new in 4MICA version 1.51?

o A complete overhaul was done to the Mini DOS section, adding quick
select windows to every command.

o Many, MANY small bugs were fixed.

4MICA can always be found on Channel 1 (617) 354-8873,
Exec PC (414) 789-4210, & Xignals BBS (205) 821-4664.

* I could really use some input on what people think about 4MICA. I see
that its being download in large numbers and I'm hoping to hear the
good and BAD about my program. So please, contact me through ILink,
Xignals, or call me if you wish. Thank you everybody for your

Everything technical aside here. Let us talk about 4MICA, what it does,
does not do, what I want it to do, and what you want it to do.
4MICA is a simple, to the point, shell that makes the use of PKZIP and ARJ
very easy, and quick. Its small, very small. All of this is only possible
through the wonderful genius of Rex Conn, Tom Rawson and their command
interpreter, 4DOS and (also genius) Robert K. Jung's REARJ, which allows for
the file coversions.

No, 4MICA does not cover everything that PKZIP and ARJ are capable of, it
may one day, but currently, those extras are not the purpose of 4MICA. If
there is a want though, I can fill it. 4MICA though started because of my
desire to quickly convert PKZIP files that I downloaded from BBSs to ARJ
files, because simply, ARJ files occupy less space on my hard drive. And
then, while the ARJ files were my preference, BBSs do not seem to agree,
so if I wanted to upload a file, I had to reconvert it back to PKZIP. This
became very tedious and I found myself becoming very lazy with this
converting files back and forth.

All of this, simply done, by a 4DOS batch file. . .and in less than 10k of
disk space. This is 4MICA's biggest and best part. Because we all know that
what 4MICA does can be done by thousands of other shells. But then, how many
are as quick to use, and as small? None.

That's it for this file. Please, if you would have a suggestion, or if you
have any questions, please feel free to contact me at either the address
above or on Xignals BBS, (205)/826-7858. Please note: 4MICA/CelestialWare,
and Xignals BBS are in no way affiliated, only in that I am a registered user
of the board. Thank you for sticking with me through all this.

CelestialWare-- Don't be squeamish, its for your own good!

Geoff Taylor, CelestialWare, Thursday, February 20, 1992.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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