Category : Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Archive   : 4LOG05.ZIP
Filename : 4LOG.CFG

Output of file : 4LOG.CFG contained in archive : 4LOG05.ZIP

* this is a sample configuration file for 4LOG
* the following lines are all treated purely as comments by 4LOG
* because of the leading asterisk. You may put one or more parameter
* per line in free form with comments. The equal signs are optional.
* The file is optional, providing an alternative to the command line for
* listing parameters that you want to use on most executions of 4LOG.
* Any parameter specified on the command line overrides the same parameter
* specified in the configuration file.

* -Z* Remove any leading asterisks on commands
* -ZD Skip any default disk change commands (e.g. C:)
* -ZL=3 Skip commands with length of 3 or less
* -ZS Drop command suffixes (e.g. EXE, BTM)
* -MI=D:\4DOSLOG Use this file as log data input
* -DC=3 Don't display commands used less than 3 times
* -LI=C:\4LOG\4LOGICMD.LST Skip internal commands in this list
* -LX=C:\4LOG\4LOGEXCL.LST Skip commands in this list