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4DREF.EXE - reference for the first release of 4DOS 3.0

One of the things I promised myself, back in the 4DOS 2.2 days,
was that I'd put together some kind of reference material for
4DOS' special characters, variables, etc. Never got around to it.

Ok, so I finally got around to it for 4DOS 3.0. The 4DREF.EXE
file is a self-typing text file created with Keith Graham's great
shareware program TXT2COM.COM. The .COM file was then converted
to an .EXE file via Fabrice Bellard's COM2EXE.EXE, then finally
to a *compressed* .EXE file via Bellard's LZEXE.EXE program.

When you type "4DREF" at the prompt, you'll see a main menu. You
press function keys to see specific categories of information
about 4DOS. The way it works will be entirely obvious when you
see the main menu. (Suggestion: it's a little klutzy to type
"4DREF" - so use a 4DOS alias instead. Create something easy to
type, like "ref," and use it to call up 4DREF quickly.)

I found that the following 4DOS alias will run the program and then
when you quit, it will erase the TXT2COM status line at the bottom
of the screen. In the next line, where you see a * character there
is an ACTUAL "esc" character (decimal value, 27) in the alias file):

REF=c:\4dos3\4dref.exe^echo.^echo *[A*[K*[A*[K

I use a monochrome monitor and, to avoid some chance of creating
really weird color combinations - 'green on green' would be just
lovely, eh? - have not added any colors to the screen displays as
done by TXT2COM.COM. I hope that they look ok in color. If they
don't look too dramatic, no problem - just as long as they aren't
'green on green.'

Mike Arst, Seattle, WA