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Mouse Support Products
Copyright (c) 1987-1988, Pedro P. Polakoff III

The mouse support products distributed in this package
are NOT Public Domain, nor are they Free. You are granted
the right to use and evaluate these products for a period of
10 days. If you use these products after the 10 day
evaluation period you are expected to purchase and register
your copy of the software by completing the registration
forms and sending your payment to the address shown on the

This software is distributed in Archive form in a file
called 3PMOUSE.ARC. You may redistribute the entire archive
file, however you may not distribute the individual
component files in any form. Each Archive contains an ID
code for verification of it's authenticity and security.
Removal or tampering of this code is a violation of the
software copyright.

All of the software products within this Archive
package are fully functional and ready for use. Please
follow the instructions for installation and use of each
product and remember to register your software for your free
updates and phone support.

This Archive contains:
(Key: MS = Microsoft Version, LT = Logitech Version)

3PPCPxx.COM -- Mouse support for ProComm+ (MS)
3PPCPxxL.COM -- Mouse support for ProComm+ (LT)
(Refer to Pcplus.TXT for details)
PROMOUSE.COM -- Mouse support for ProComm 2.4.2 (MS)
TBMOUSE.COM -- Mouse support for Turbo Pascal 4.0 (MS)
TBMOUSEL.COM -- Mouse support for Turbo Pascal 4.0 (LT)
TCMOUSE.COM -- Mouse Support for Turbo C 2.0 (MS)
TCMOUSEL.COM -- Mouse Support for Turbo C 2.0 (LT)
TDMOUSE.COM -- Mouse Support for Turbo Debug 1.0 (MS/LT)
PCWMOUSE.COM -- Mouse support for PC-Write 2.71 (MS/LT)
MSMOUSE.COM -- Mouse support for MicroStar 4.0 (MS/LT)


All of the Mouse support products are memory resident
executable .COM files that must be loaded prior to the
execution of the software they are designed to support. The
software has been compiled with the Microsoft Expert Menus
Compiler and requires the use of the Microsoft Mouse driver
version 6.1x or later. Other compatible mouse drivers and
mice may be used however there may be slight variations in
the operation of the software due to variations in the mouse
driver. Please refer to the notes regarding your particular

To use the mouse software you should create a batch
file following this format:

MenuName ON Example: PCPMOUSE ON
SoftwareName PCPLUS

If your mouse driver is correct and the mouse is
functional the menu software will respond with it's name and
the message "Installed". If there is an error in loading the
software will respond "Mouse Driver not found." The latter
of the two messages can indicated that your mouse driver is
not compatible with the Microsoft Mouse driver 6.1x and that
you should try and update your driver.


Once installed the menu software is transparent and
inactive until activated by movement of the mouse or the
click of a mouse button. Each piece of software has it's own
help screen which will explain details of it's operation. In
general the following conventions will apply to all mouse
menu products;

LEFT BUTTON - Activates On Screen Menus
RIGHT BUTTON - Selects from Menu or continues
operations selected.
BOTH BUTTONS - Cancels an operation.
MID BUTTON - Same as Both Buttons

The MSMOUSE.COM software is an exception to this
standard. This software is LEFT BUTTON oriented for menus
and selections. The RIGHT button is used to invoke the
online help system.

When in use the menu software may reassign the function
of the mouse for compatibility with the software. When this
occurs a message will be placed on the screen indicating the
functions that each button will perform. Cursor movement is
controlled by the mouse in all cases.

- 2 -

All software functions are controlled by the mouse when
the menu software is installed. Pressing the LEFT button
will always activate a menu that is appropriate to the
current function of the software you are using. Screen
colors are automatic and the menus appear to be part of the
software rather than an overlayed window to it.


TC-Mouse and TurboMouse both use a multi-menu system
that allows for control of both the environment and the
editor commands. Both of these products also contain a full
set of programmers macros that are designed for the language
they are used with. Selecting one of the macros will display
a Dialog box on the screen which will prompt you for some
variable information for the Macro that you have selected.
You may cancel a Dialog box, and the macro, by pressing the
ESCAPE key. Pressing the RETURN key or clicking the LEFT or
RIGHT mouse button will complete the action of the Dialog
box and the Macro.

LOGITECH mouse users will find that the Microsoft
versions may not function as they should. This is due to the
incompatibility of the Logitech mouse driver to the
Microsoft mouse driver. You will find that the versions
designated for the Logitech mouse will compensate for these
slight differences in the drivers. The Logitech versions
will prove to be incompatible and will function erratically
with the Microsoft mouse. For this reason they are
considered different products and must be registered

You may take advantage of a special discount rate by
purchasing three or more of the products in this Archive.
The discounted rate is $7.00 each for a total savings of
$9.00. You may also choose the buy three get one free option
which allows you to receive PCWMOUSE.COM or MSMOUSE.COM free
when you purchase any three other menus. If you require both
the Microsoft & Logitech versions you may purchase both at a
reduced rate of $8.00 each.

Detailed user manuals and phone support are available
for all mouse menus products. These manuals and support are
free to registered users only.

You may contact the author at the following E-Mail
addresses with questions or comments:

Compuserve: 73157,2412
GEnie : PPP3

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