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Trumpet for Windows Distribution 1.0 Rev A

Trumpet for Windows is distributed from*

A) Retrieving WinTrumpet:

The files that you need for specific versions are listed below:

File: wtabi???.zip WT_ABI - uses the Trumpet TSR TCP stack


file: wtpkt???.zip WT_PKT - direct to packet driver (internal TCP stack)

file: wtlwp???.zip WT_LWP - requires Novell LWP DOS/Windows


file: wtwsk???.zip WT_WSK - requires a Windows Sockets v1.1 compliant TCP transport


B) Before installing WinTrumpet:

Please read wtdoc.doc before installing. The packet driver
version requires "". A patched version of is
provided which fixes a bug with large packets not being received.

C) Special WinSOCK notes:

WT_WSK is Windows Sockets 1.1 compliant. If you use FTP Software
PC/TCP, you *must* use the latest version of their Winsock 1.1
DLL. This is available via anonymous FTP to VAX.FTP.COM

If you use SuperTCP, you must also obtain the latest version of
their WinSOCK.DLL which is available from BBS.FRONTIERTECH.COM,
once you have established an account on that system.

You can also try the Trumpet Winsock which is distributed from*

D) I ran into a bug, what should I do?

Send all bug reports to "[email protected]". Please
report the exact circumstance of the bug. For the WinSock version,
include information on which vendors stack and WinSock.DLL you are

E) Common problems and their solutions:

1. A common problem is that batching of the XHDR commands doesn't
work with some NNTP servers. Symptom is that wintrump hangs when
scanning the newsgroup. Fix is to add the command line
option -nobatch.

2. When running under Netware, wintrump will attempt to use the
maildir and the setup parameters will be read-only. This is a
security feature and can be disabled by the use of the -disable_nw
command line option. Wintrump then reverts to a stand-alone setup.

3. MTU packets of 1500 bytes not receivable with standard winpkt.
Fix is to use the version distributed with wintrump.

4. XHDR is not implemented on some news servers. Symptom is that
wintrump gives an error "500 Command not implemented"
or something similar. Fix is to get the NNTP server fixed - it will
help other news readers to function more efficiently.

F) Problems with WT_PKT.EXE

Wt_pkt may or may not work with your windows configuration. To aid in
debugging, if you have a problem, please send news.prm, news.ini and
a debug listing from wintrump if possible to Peter Tattam.

Debug listings can be generated in the following manner. Add the
following options to the command line.

-debug=eairut -dbfile=test.dbg

the debug flags are e - ethernet headers
a - ARP packets
i - IP packets
r - RARP packets
u - UDP packets
t - TCP packets

the option -dbfile=... may be left out, in which case a debug
listing will appear in a separate window.

Also, if one fails to get anything from that, the -dbfile can be
set to the AUX, COM1, LPT1.DOS etc.

G) Anything else? is at Hobart in Tasmania, Australia and only has a slow link
to the outside world. Please try to FTP files outside of our normal hours.
(8.00 am-6.00pm), our time zone is EAST (10 hours ahead of GMT)


Peter Tattam ([email protected])

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