Dec 232017
FREEWARE wormhole generator for VGa PLANETS (STABLE).

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Runs as an auxhost, thus it is stable, not
causing the problems found in earlier wormhole
programs. NO messy friendship codes to worry

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FREEWARE wormhole generator for VGa PLANETS (STABLE).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUXHOST1.BAT 27 25 deflated
AUXHOST1.INI 84 72 deflated
AUXHOST2.BAT 27 25 deflated
DONATE.DOC 999 591 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 193 158 deflated
HOSTING.EXE 9200 3336 deflated
REGISTER.ZIP 15468 15326 deflated
SCANNER.EXE 7520 2049 deflated
WHEREM.EXE 11648 3971 deflated
WHEREM1.DOC 2414 1188 deflated
WORM2.EXE 8592 3569 deflated
WORMHOLE.TXT 572 264 deflated

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Contents of the DONATE.DOC file

This product, both WHEREM and this beta of MY worm product
are provided as is and without warranty, implied or otherwise.
Neither program has given me trouble, since dubugging, so I
doubt that there will be trouble in your use of them. If there
is, then you can reach me at the addresses in the earlier doccument:
I will accept donations at:
929 Long Cove Road
Glen Burnie, Maryland
I would like to register VGA PLANETS and get a decent assembler/compiler.
In lieu of monetary payment, you can send me good software, such as a disused
assembler of compiler. Make checks payable to Robert Coeyman.
If I can, I would like to start a BBS for support of my products, but I have
yet to write anything that makes that much money. All of this is freeware.
Your license is perpetual, even on my shareware. If you like this program,
just stuff a check, or a disk, in an envelope and send it my way.

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