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Genius for Windows Copyright (c) 1993-1994 by Peter Resch - All rights reserved.

GENIUS for Windows is NOT FREE.

You MUST REGISTER after the 60-day evaluation time period.

GENIUS for Windows is a Shareware product. It is distributed
through public access channels so that prospective buyers can have
the opportunity to evaluate the product before making a decision to
If you decide to use this software, then you are under both legal and
moral obligation to register it with the author.
If, after evaluating this software, you decide not to use it you are
under no further obligation.

GENIUS for Windows is fully protected by State, Commonwealth and
International copyright laws.
To continue to use GENIUS for Windows after the 60-day evaluation
time period you must register it.

This program may be freely copied and distributed, as long as the
following conditions are met:

(1) No fee is charged other than a normal time usage fee required by
some Bulletin Board Services, or a small disk duplication fee not to
exceed $10
(2) The program and it's associated installation, help and
documentation files are distributed in their original, unmodified form.

This program may not be bundled with, or transferred as part of any
package which is sold or for which any licensing fee is charged.

Peter Resch
65 Dundas St
Qld 4650

Welcome to Genius for Windows.

My basic philosophy has been to make the program 'user friendly'
and to use a computer industry word 'intuitive'.
I hope I have managed to achieve that aim.
In general I have tried to avoid using computer jargon when
describing Genius's operation in the manual and the Help screens.
Many people can be overwhelmed by terms such as 'field', 'DOS',
'CPU', 'RAM' etc. when in most cases plain English serves the

It is assumed, however, that you have a basic working knowledge of
Microsoft Windows.

I hope you enjoy using Genius for Windows.

What Can Genius for Windows Do

The main advantage of Genius over other genealogical programs is
it's visual display. Four generations of family members are displayed
on the Family Tree screen. The display includes Parents,
Grandparents, one Partner, up to two Siblings, up to four children
and of course the currently selected person.

Navigation around the tree is simple; selecting any person displayed
on the family tree with the mouse (or using the keyboard) lets you
select any person to view or edit their information.
Alternatively you can search for and select an individual by Family

The maximum number of people that can be stored by the program is
5000. The notes for each person have a limit of 2,000 characters
(about 400 words), although this could be further limited by available
free hard disk space.
Genius uses about 500 bytes of disk space per person plus
approximately 1 byte per character for each persons notes.
(A byte is a series of bits of information used in a computer to store or
manipulate data. It is like a letter in a word, a series of letters are
combined to make an understandable word.)

Genius Can Print:

An individually formatted data sheet for each person.
A nicely formatted Descendants Chart of up to 8 generations for any
A Pedigree Chart for any person displaying 4 generations of
A complete list of all people recorded sorted by Family Name or
Person Number.
A list of all people recorded with the same Family Name.


Some of the terminology used in genealogy and Genius may need

Connect ..
The idea that all people related to each other are 'connected' in
some way, ie. as say a father, mother, sibling(s), child, grandmother,
grandfather, 5th cousin 4 times removed etc. is called a 'a
connection'. Genius is only concerned with direct relationships, the
less direct relationships are sorted out automatically.

to break a connection, for example you may have connected a
spouse to the wrong member of a family, so you would 'disconnect'
that spouse.

Selected Person...
The person who's data is currently being worked on is known as the
'Selected Person'. In the Family Tree display she or he is shown in
the red box.

Recommended computer configuration

386 or better computer with at least 2 Mb of memory
Windows version 3.1 or higher
Enough hard disk space to store your files
(1 Mb stores about 2000 entries not including any notes)

Files on the distribution disk

You should have:
ddeml .dl_
genius .ex_
genius .hl_
readme .txt
readme .wr_
setup .exe
setup .lst
vbrun300.dl_ *
vendor .txt
ver .dl_
genius .cf_
genius .pe_
genius .ma_
genius .ms_
genius .nt_

* If you downloaded Genius from a BBS you may not have VBRUN300.DL_

Genius needs the file VBRUN300.DLL installed in the WINDOW\SYSTEM
sub directory before you can install it.
You will need to obtain this file (most BBS's have it).
If you have no access to VBRUN300.DLL you can obtain it along with the latest
release of Genius for Windows from me at the address below for a handling
charge of $6.00 (in Australian Dollars).


Place the Genius distribution disk in your floppy drive, in Windows
Program Manager select 'File' on the Menu bar at the top with your
mouse then select 'Run' on the pop down menu and type:

and press [Enter]
(You can use upper or lower case, it doesn't matter.)

If you have put the distribution disk in drive B: type:

and press [Enter]

If you unzipped GENIUS.ZIP to a sub directory on you hard disk type
the drive and sub directory path
and press [Enter]

After a few moments of disk drive activity you will be asked where
you wish to install Genius on your hard disk.
It offers to install Genius on Drive C: in a sub directory called
If you are happy with the suggested sub directory press [Enter] or
select the 'Continue' button, otherwise type in the name of the sub
directory that you want Genius to be installed on.
Genius will then be installed on the specified sub directory. An extra
sub directory will be made called 'FILES' under your Genius sub
directory, this is to store the family records that Genius will generate.

After a few minutes, the installation will be complete and if there
are no existing data files, you will be asked if you wish to install
the sample files.
Respond either 'Yes' or 'No'. If you respond 'Yes' a set of sample
family files will be copied to the 'FILES' subdirectory, if you
respond 'No' the installation is complete and you will be returned
to Windows Program Manager.
You should have the following files in your Genius sub directory:
(or the sub directory you installed Genius to)

genius .exe
genius .hlp
readme .wri

and, if you installed the sample family files you should have the
following files in the 'FILES' sub directory under the Genius
sub directory:
(or under the sub directory you installed Genius to)


NOTE: If you installed the sample files, you will have to delete them before
you start your own family database.
To do this run File Manager, find the sub directory 'FILES' under the
sub directory you installed Genius to (normally C:\GENIUS) and delete
the files listed above from the sub directory 'FILES'.

Using Genius for Windows

Genius has been designed to gently steer you through the
complexities of entering, viewing and printing data.
Extensive Help is available by pressing the [F1] key.

It is highly recommended that you back up your data files at the end
of each session.
The files to back up are all those in the sub directory FILES

genius.cfg Configuration file
genius.mar Family relationship file
genius.per Person data file
genius.nts Person notes file
genius.mce Marriage notes file

Uninstalling Genius for Windows

If you decide that Genius for Windows is not for you, remove all the
files in the Genius (or whatever you called it) sub directory and it's
associated \FILES sub directory.
In the WINDOWS or WINDOWS\SYSTEM sub directories, delete the


Other files in the WINDOWS or WINDOWS\SYSTEM sub directories
that Genius installs when setup are:


BE CAREFUL removing these files from the WINDOWS or
WINDOWS\SYSTEM sub directories as they may be used by other
software that you have installed.
It's generally advisable to move them to another sub directory that
isn't in the AUTOEXEC.BAT PATH statement, then run all your other
programs to make sure they operate correctly before deleting these

Registering Genius for Windows only costs $55 in Australian

For that you will get:
The latest version or upgrade of Genius for Windows when it
becomes available.
The right to use your registered copy of Genius for Windows on your
Telephone support if you have any problems.
A proper instruction manual.
Direct access to the program (the registration notices wont appear).
The message "Genius for Windows (Unregistered Copy)" wont appear
on printouts.
A warm feeling knowing you have done the right thing.

Once you have registered (even if the 60 days have expired) you will
be able to continue from where you left off. Your data remains intact.

To Register:
Print out the registration form, either by printing REGISTER.WRI or by
selecting 'Print Registration Form' in the Registration window, fill it
in and post it enclosing your cheque (in Australia only), an
international money order or your credit card information to:

Peter Resch
PO. Box 1029
Qld. 4650

Telephone +61 71 233 399 (international), or in Australia
(071) 233 399 between 8 am and 5pm Australian EST, Monday to
(That's 2200 to 0700 Universal Time (GMT), (-10 hrs); 5pm to 2am
East Coast USA (-15 hrs); 2pm to 11pm Pacific Coast USA (-18 hrs).

A slimmer, trimmer, faster, Genius for Windows Version 2 is on the
drawing board, so I would appreciate any opinions, requirements
and suggestions that I can incorporate in the next version.


Every possible effort has been made to ensure that Genius for Windows
will run correctly, but there is no guarantee that the program will run
and I will accept no responsibility for any errors in the software, or
for any consequences of any users' actions taken or not taken as a result
of using this software.
Users are strongly advised to make appropriate backups of their software
before installing or running Genius for Windowss.

Peter Resch
13 Sep 1994

Windows is the trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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