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Program Description: PC Lube&Tune's "Using Warp With Other Service Providers"
Tutorial (Postscript Version)

The original PC Lube&Tune tutorial is a series of HTML documents
available through WWW at

I took those HTML documents and converted them to a series of PostScript

***** I do not have, and will not provide, ASCII versions ******

It is an excellent primer on:

1) The SLIP and TCP/IP subsystem in Warp
2) Writing REXX connection scripts for other service providers for Warp
3) Using Warp's TCP/IP stack over a LAN

I am not the original author of the tutorial: I have simply converted the HTML files into
Postscript files (using the magic of WebExplorer and the PostScript driver!). Please direct
all suggestions on content to the original author (noted in the files).

Operating System: OS/2 2.1 w/TCPIP or OS/2 Warp
Program Source: [email protected]
Replaces: nothing that I am aware of

Your name: Duncan Strong
Your email address: [email protected]

Proposed directory for placement: /os2/warp/?????