Category : Recently Uploaded Files
Archive   : VGAPWWIV.ZIP
Filename : VDSYSOP.MSG

Output of file : VDSYSOP.MSG contained in archive : VGAPWWIV.ZIP


This is a sample VDSYSOP.MSG. Edit this file to whatever you wish, or
delete it if you don't want a message displayed. It is a simple text
file that you can edit with whatever editor you wish.

You may also create an ANSI file called VDSYSOP.ANS. If the user has ANSI
capability, the .ANS file will be displayed. If not, the .MSG file will be

You may also delete this file and the ANSI version and no file will be
displayed. These files are not necessary for VDOOR to run correctly;
they are only here to give you an easy way to make announcements.

Enjoy the program!